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Angel Healing

Angel Healing

Angels are everywhere around us at all times. We sense their presence numerous times throughout our lives, but mostly we do not realize it. Angels are sacred light beings vibrating at various frequencies, thus appearing in different colors that can be perceived through the third eye. Individuals with an activeted/clear third eye 'see' Angelic Lights, a blissful sublime experience! Angels serve humanity by aiding us in our endeavors, helping us reach our goals, resolve conflicts, heal pain, suffering, bring in peace, harmony, and enlighten us with unconditional love and wisdom. They alert and protect us from danger and sometimes rescue souls from otherwise fatal mishaps! But to get their help, we need to take the most important step...


The Angels honor God's law of free will and so cannot interfere with our karma and consequences unless we give them the permission to intervene. So we must ASK the Angels to help us with our day to day life... whenever we are in difficulty or are stuck or stagnated, all we meed to do is ASK silently or loudly, and these unconditional beings of divine love instantly rush to our service every time we ASK.

Getting attuned to Angels connects us to them for life! Thereafter all we need to do is simply ASK for help with anything... no matter how small, how huge, how simple or how critical, or even practically impossible things it might seem. Divine intervention always finds a way!

Anybody can get attuned to these universal divine beings irrespective of their background and spiritual inclinations. Angels are actually universal light beings of the Creator and are, by nature, universal love. They hear and help anyone who asks for help.

If you wish to get attuned to the brilliant Angelic Healing Lights for a deep angelic connection, healing and guidance that will stay with you forever, please book your Angel Attunement with Sunetra. This is an amazing spiritual experience in itself, along with the fact that it opens up a whole new world of love, healing, spiritual guidance and bliss!

Order Your Angelic Healing Course from Sunetra...

The total fee is $40 (or equivalent in your local currency). Please make this payment through the secure transaction service, PayPal...


In addition, please Email Sunetra with your address and phone number. Please mention the name of the service and your present healing/attunement level if you have previous experience. Once you register for Angel Attunement you will receive an email from Sunetra about the attunement instructions. Your course content will be sent to you along with this email.

“Divine Grace speaks through us! ”

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