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Cryptology Review –
What Is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Some Features Making Crypto Trading Simpler

Before you buy crypto, it will be useful to learn how to do it better and most efficiently. Check out some crypto trading postulates:

  • Low commissions are a real headache for any investor and trader. No one will like it if all the money goes for prolongation, entry, and exit.
  • Сredit shoulder is an integral part of this type of activity. It helps experienced players on the stock exchange to increase profits, despite the sometimes emerging riskiness.
  • Simple payouts with quick withdrawals and an easily understandable interface are the strongest side of cryptocurrency.
  • The simplicity of the exchange platform means a high speed of transactions. They can play a crucial role in the exchange, for instance, getting stuck in a large trading form while your coin is on the verge of collapse can turn into large losses. Make sure that the exchange platform where you register supports margin trading and investing in your country of residence. Geography matters in the verification process.
  • A small number of pairs is not a bad sign at all, it's just a less wide choice. On the other hand, everything depends on you, because what would you prefer - to explore a lot of markets day after day or to focus your attention on a couple of the main cryptos for you?

Cryptology is the Best Place to Buy Crypto

So, what is Cryptology? It is a cryptocurrency futures trading and exchange platform with zero commissions, also the service offers welcome rewards of up to 100$ for newcomers. The bonus is effective from August the 3th till September the 30th, 2021 – that means any user will be able to receive a 100$ bonus to the first 100$ deposit. The commissions will be 0% as well. In addition, all the rewards with credit shoulder up to x100.

What New Features Does Cryptology Offer?

Since September 2021, the opportunity to receive passive income has appeared on the platform and its name is Cryptology Earn. With this function, users can earn on all sorts of different positions, covering stablecoins too. Investors can buy crypto with debit cards and credit cards. Any account owner has an opportunity to follow the statistics of daily income and get the payout of funds or invest them again at will. A particular cryptocurrency influences your income. Let's assume that, for example, the users who have got investments in stablecoins like USDC, USDT, DAI get income in the form of 15% per annum. BTC Futures can bring up to 8% annually.


It will not be difficult to register - all you need is to write your full name, come up with and enter a password, as well as specify an email. You can also log in using your Google account. Certainly, it is necessary to accept all the rules and terms of the platform. When registering, you will have two ways - to register a personal account or an institutional one.

For personal accounts, there is only the possibility of trading. Unlike a Global Wire account, a trading account allows you to make different types of deposits and get payouts of funds. The essence of a Trading Account is that you will be able to make a deposit both with the help of crypto and with the help of fiat money, please note that you can only withdraw crypto at the same time.

The Global Wire Account allows you to make a deposit using fiat funds and crypto with debit and credit cards. You will also be able to get fiat funds and crypto withdrawals - keep in mind that fiat money can only be withdrawn to the account through which the deposit was made.

The deposit of fiat funds transfers with MasterCard and Visa is available for the countries of the EU, payouts for global accounts are available only with a wire transfer.

Some Words About Futures Trading and Spot Exchange

Futures Trading and Spot Exchange on the platform are easy and understandable. The user has the order book, a chart by TradingView, the trade history for the exchange, an intuitive order form that will be your tool to buy and sell crypto at the platform and for limiting as well. As for the futures, the work of the service is the same here. The only thing that distinguishes this segment is the ability to choose leverage.

Commissions, Payouts, and Deposit Opportunities

At the moment, the commission on the service is 0.002 for both buyers and makers. Tariffs change along with the trading volume, speaking about the cryptocurrency exchange when it comes to fiat money, users will give 2.65% commission for bank card deposits, for the min of 1000, 20 EUR, 20 USD deposits.

Brazilian traders’ deposits are regulated differently – the fees vary from 1.7% to 3.6% for a min 1$ deposit. torequireUR SEPA is regulated by size value 0.45% for a min 1€ deposit; as for wire transfers – you will be allowed to use them only if you have passed full verification, but you will not have to pay commissions, for min 25 USD or 25 EUR deposits. When it comes to payouts, fiat funds can be withdrawn only by Institutional accounts and only via SEPA accounts (the commission is 7 EUR for the min 50 EUR payout). Various conditions apply to deposits and payouts of digital assets, and payouts of funds are not available for some assets.

Where Can I Buy Crypto — Supported Countries

Users from the whole world have access to the platform, except for Japan and the US. You can hear the news that a particular service is leaving leading countries, such as the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany. Fortunately, Cryptology does not plan to leave any state anytime soon, the company is going to provide traders with its options, also in the presented states.

How to Verify

Verification takes place in 2 stages:

  1. You need to pass the Basic Verification and you will get the 10,000 USD limitation. Just send your passport, ID, or driver’s license and also a photo with the doc.
  2. The Full Verification that it’s required to upload your address. This stage will remove all restrictions on the amount.

Advantages of the service

  • 100 USD Welcome Reward for your 1st 100 USD deposit.
  • Up to x100 leverage for Futures Trading.
  • Users have access to the service all over the world (the exceptions are Japan and The US).
  • Customer Support is a great side of the platform. The support is really fast. If you’ve got some questions or difficulties, you will receive the answer and decision nearly after 5-10 min and the operators are very responsive and give clear wording.
  • No fees for Futures Trading in the period from August 3 to 30.
  • Low min order size: The min order size counts 0.10$ or another comparable amount in another currency on the platform.

Disadvantages of the service

  • There isn’t margin trading on the spot exchange.
  • There aren’t opportunities to get the payout of fiat funds from the personal account.


Finally, Cryptology is a great service for crypto trading and exchanging the currency available worldwide. It has a lot of functions and options for transactions, the fees are low, there is a wide line of available pairs and futures, spot exchange has a line of pairs that is much wider.

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