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Upsurging Boost in Decentralized Cryptocurrency Purchase Within Decades

Skyrocketing Purchase of Cryptocurrency

Ever since their advent, cryptocurrencies have been ruling the trade market since 2009. From Bitcoin on the top to ether sometimes taking over, the ranks have stayed within the sorts. Although not backed by any central government, the market is backed by decentralized exchanges, which are enough for the online purchase of cryptocurrency. The other way around crypto platforms permit anonymity which leaves loopholes for fraudsters to perform cybercrimes. The pre-requisite of trading is ownership of a wallet either hot or cold, where coins can be stored. The main advantageous trait of cryptocurrencies is that they can be exchanged for multiple benefits from purchasing commodities to trading them with fiats. Though crypto is a digital currency, it is now replacing paper money especially after the reign of the pandemic, which has largely triggered the need for touchless payment solutions. 

Reasons Behind the Popularity of Cryptocurrency

  • The major reason is the decentralization of this currency because central banks reduce the money value through inflation.
  • The blockchain technology behind this digital currency has served as the major attraction because of its record-keeping technology. Hence, making it a more secure payment system. 
  • Furthermore, cryptocurrency, more specifically Bitcoin is seen as the currency from the future that is here to stay despite the ups and downs in its value. The value went down 1.24% from the increased value of $48,400.22.

Cryptocurrency Storage

Exchange of crypto online has become possible due to the online available platforms which allow trading of coins with others as well as with fiats. The exchanges facilitate investors and buyers with various payment methods, like a credit card, Paypal and Skrill, wire transfer, or physical cash. The purchase is sent to the buyer’s crypto wallet which can either be provided by the exchange or personal one of the investor. 

  • Hot Wallet

Hot wallets or in other words, online wallets use digital platforms to crypto with fiat crypto storage but they are preferred for short-term investment. This kind is more exposed to risk due to its nature making it easy for fraudsters to breach in and steal private keys.

  • Cold Wallet

The hardware wallets are relatively secure because they do not rely on electronic devices rather store the private keys in offline wallets. But, cold wallets charge fees that hot ones don’t. 

Exchange Crypto Online

Token or more specifically crypto coins can be purchased from exchanges, which is among the several methods of ownership. These platforms enable buyers to purchase cryptocurrency with fiats and in turn, store them in the digital wallet. So much so, investors can trade coins for other tokens, for instance, trading Bitcoin with Ethereum. 

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The third-party, bridging the gap between buyer and seller, is controlled by a specific company. However, centralized exchanges are more reliable with approximately 99% of all crypto purchases executed on these very platforms. 


  • Centralized exchanges are user-friendly offering familiar ways of trading. As opposed to using complex cryptocurrency wallets, and transactions, these have simplified the procedure. 
  • Clients can log into their respective accounts, access the balance details, and perform transactions accordingly.
  • Centralized platforms are more reliable due to the advanced security they offer.
  • They facilitate investors by offering high levels of comfort by providing centralized developed platforms. 
  • Centralized exchanges, most of them, offer trading of fiats for crypto. 


  • Along with the forms, there are some against including breaching risk because the coins are worth billions that they bear. Making it an attractive to-go for hackers.
  • Quoting the example of Mt.Gox, once the largest exchange, experienced theft of 850,000 bitcoins. Later on, it was suspended. 
  • Lacking peer-to-peer transactions, centralized exchanges charge high fees for the services they deliver, increasing the number when trading is in large digits. 

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

Eliminating the need for third-party, decentralized exchanges provide direct platforms for peer-to-peer dealings. This is the main reason why the investors prefer these exchanges. 


  • The clients performing transactions do not need to transfer the assets to any intermediary adding to the safety of decentralized exchanges and preventing theft. 
  • These exchanges protect investors from wash and fake trading, mainly market manipulation.
  • The main feature decentralized platforms possess is the nonnecessity for filling out the Know Your Customer (KYC) forms, hence equipping anonymity. 


  • Decentralized exchanges are complex where customers have to remember the keys and passwords and do not afford to misplace them or else they will lose their assets. 
  • Like the centralized platforms, these do not allow fiat currencies usage for payment or exchange making it less convenient for the investors. 
  • Decentralized exchanges lack liquidity due to less volume, placing breakers in finding sellers and buyers. 


Is cryptocurrency exchange still profitable? What does the future hold for crypto trading? The market’s volatility can cause fluctuations despite the upward trending of this digital currency. The purchase of cryptocurrency started rising to heights after the pandemic due to the preference of customers for touchless means. However, they have become the most popular way of trading and have somewhat replaced paper money.

Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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