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List of Platforms Accepting Both
Fiat and Bitcoin Currencies

Bitcoin trading has thrown a new twist in forex trading. Though some platforms are crypto-based, the emergence of several platforms accepting both crypto and fiat currencies has brought a new twist in the currency trading industry.

New traders may find it challenging to identify trading platforms that support both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Both new and experienced traders find funding platforms with both currencies seamless.

Regardless of whether you are a crypto enthusiast or not, trading on platforms that accept both traditional and digital currencies is an ideal choice that most traders find interesting. Therefore this article outlines a few trading platforms that allow traders to trade using their favorite currencies.


If you are looking for a key multi-asset trading platform, then Etoro is an ideal choice for you. The platform supports the trading of various financial assets like cryptocurrencies, stocks, CFDs forex, and many others including south african forex brokers.

Having been launched in 2007, the platform has diversified to keep up with the fast-paced technological environment. For over a decade, the platform has built a strong clientele base of 6 million.

However, eToro allows traders to trade real assets and CFDs for various cryptocurrencies. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies supported by eToro include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. To start trading today you can visit the ethereum code website.

The seamless platform offers traders an opportunity to check out the price movement of your assets by adding them to your watch list. Alternatively, traders can configure push notifications to get volatility alerts. On the other hand, Etoro has an App that helps traders to trade whenever they want.


Besides supporting the exchange of various cryptocurrencies among them bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum,stormgain facilitates deposits and withdrawals through fiat currencies. The crypto-based platform has a centralized exchange that supports a wide range of currencies. Other assets traders can exchange include Dash,monero,Bitcoin Gold,cardano, and many others.

The unique feature about stormgain is that traders can easily switch from live to demo trading. This offers you an opportunity to learn the ropes before investing on the platform.

Regarded as the most credible and secure platform,stormgain facilitates the storage of digital assets in hardware wallets. Traders can trade up to 18 digital assets on the platform.


Coinbase supports various exchanges. Traders can exchange fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto, and crypto to fiat. Typically, besides etoro, coinbase is one of the largest Bitcoin brokers. The platform is licensed to carry out trading exchange activities not only in the UK but also US and European Union.

High-security system established by the platform is what makes it key among most traders. Funds on the platform are stored offline via cold storage wallets. This protects trader’s investments from theft and hacks.


Binance is one of the top exchange platforms in the currency exchange industry. Founded in 2017, the platform offers traders the best crypto trading pairs. This has highly impacted trading activities on the platform resulting in a spike in the number of users. Traders on the platform can easily buy crypto assets using credit or cryptocurrencies.

Users can access the platform via mobile app, desktop, or website. The unique aspect of the platform is that it supports over 175 digital assets. The platform has favorable transaction methods and the lowest transaction fees compared to other exchange platforms.

Some of the digital assets supported by the platform include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance coin, Ripple among several others.


Changelly supports slightly over 150 digital assets. Traders can send BTC directly to their wallet instead of holding. You do not need to register to use the platform. The platform has the lowest fees in the market which make it easier for crypto-asset exchange. Additionally, traders can easily purchase crypto through credit cards.

On the other hand, when choosing a fiat exchange, you have to put into consideration, limits, privacy, speed, trading fees, and reputation. The bottom line, you have to ensure your investment is secured regardless of how reputable an exchange platform can be.


With the increasing number of fiat to crypto trading platforms, it may be challenging to identify the right platform. In this regard, the platforms highlighted in this article are some of the best that you can try out. If you are looking for flexibility in online currency exchange trade, then these platforms are the most ideal for you.

Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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