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Libra: Cryptocurrency by Facebook (in 5 Minutes)

In this fast-moving world, technology plays a very crucial role in the country’s growth. Life has become most comfortable aspect as people have become more skillful by the advancement of technology.

Now, we can send images, messages, videos and also money irrespective where the person is or to whom he is sending. Exchange of money via digital platforms has become the most innovative invention which made a pavement for Libra.

Libra is a simply virtual coin, which was introduced by most popular social media company Facebook. This global coin was built on Blockchain technology in order to make transaction most safe and secure. Libra was planned to assist financial infrastructure to empower billions of people.

The most effective components of Libra are:

  • It was powered by the safest and most scalable blockchain technology
  • It is a stable coin which can back the reserve of assets
  • It is managed by Libra association
  • It takes help of BFT mechanism
  • It is programmed by MOVE language.

Traditionally, Libra blockchain is not really a blockchain. The Libra association members have decided to code their chain by the following requirements:

  • It should have capacity to make a record of billions of transactions.
  • It requires high capacity storage system.
  • It requires most safe and secure medium, to ensure safety for their funds.
  • It should be more flexible, as it can power the Libra ecosystem for financial services.

Our team from has developed this most attractive and innovative infographic on Libra: a new cryptocurrency...


Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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