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Effect of Bitcoin Jesus on Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin was released for market use in 2009. But it was not much a currency of acceptance at that time and people used to associate it with scams. It was difficult to push people from traditional currency to the virtual one. But this was not a long process of asking people to do that as people soon opted for it. The initial advocates of this currency were also the ones who made it complicated. A person called Roger Ver had the most impact on this digital world. He had done so much that people working in the digital currency have started to call him Bitcoin Jesus. But why is this so? How can a person be so crucial for the entire digital currency industry? Let us find out the reasons behind it.

Roger Ver is Bitcoin Jesus

Roger Ver is among the initial people who were able to put some faith in bitcoin. He invested in bitcoin at that time and later started to promote this currency. So, he was involved with a number of cryptocurrencies and digital sort of industries and ensured full support for these industries by out speaking their cryptocurrencies. So, he is a known person in the digital industry because of his efforts for the industry.

Roger Ver has been so known and respected in the industry of digits and virtual money that some people even believe that the value and popularity of bitcoin would have been much lesser. And the level of heights it has achieved is just because of the promotion of Roger Ver. But recently, Roger Ver has been seen discussing stiff bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash came as a result of the hard fork being discussed every nowadays. 


You can never run any business without branding. So is a digital currency where you need branding as a core thing. Although there are certain limits for cryptocurrencies that it can’t open everything despite having a strong technology for running it. But it does need some branding to become known to the people. So, Roger Ver started to do this branding of bitcoins and became an epitome of marketing by this promotion. He gave away where bitcoin cash could become related to the bitcoin itself. But this was not that simple and as soon as the linkage of bitcoin cash with the bitcoin core project was publicized the questions on the sovereignty of bitcoin became common


So, the Bitcoin Jesus named Roger Ver turned his interests from the Core projects of bitcoin to bitcoin cash he again used similar channels he had over the digital industry. The same network was being informed of the importance of bitcoin cash. 

The Debates: Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash

This initiated a new wave of debates over the importance of bitcoin core projects and bitcoin cash which was a relatively new phenomenon. So, in this debate, Roger Ver was supporting bitcoin cash while all other CEOs and important and well-known personalities in digital marketing were supporting the older core project of bitcoin. They were rejecting bitcoin cash to be real or of any importance. Erik Voorhees even rejected bitcoin cash to be a real project of bitcoin projects. Another CEO made a video with many arguments against bitcoin cash and he uploaded it on YouTube. He represented concerns against fork currencies and said that he is not favoring them. This pushed Roger Ver to make a video in their response and he too uploaded it on YouTube. 

Roger Ver does not seem conscious or nervous when he was promoting bitcoin cash despite so many adversaries. Neither was he mindful of the loss of his reputation and neither was fearful of its loss because of being different from others. So, he started to influence people about the importance of Bitcoin cash and made it so famous that it is now standing at the same place as bitcoin. 


Bitcoin was an older virtual currency but another currency called bitcoin cash has just reached its height. The man behind the promotion of both these currencies was Roger Ver who is known as BitIQ in the world of cryptocurrencies. He was among the initial people who invested in Bitcoins and then promoted it too. Now he is promoting bitcoin cash. Although this time there are a lot of people who are against him, he is using his previously earned fame to promote this relatively newer currency.

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