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List of Cryptocurrency Safest Exchanges

The popularity of bitcoins makes it mandatory that we look for the platforms where we can operate with them.

The market is growing because it is the most widely used virtual currency globally, and for this reason, more and more specialized platforms have emerged in this type of trading.

You can operate from any country and use any currency; however, others offer coverage in certain specific regions.

Here is the list of the common platforms that users usually use for compare crypto and trading with Bitcoins. Let's see which one is best for us.


If we had to put a platform in the first position, without a doubt, that would be Bitstamp since it is the most used medium by European users, which makes Bitstamp the leading platform in Europe.

Daily, it is one of the media that registers a more significant number of operations, reaching an average volume of up to 15,000 Bitcoins.

This platform has gained popularity in recent years because it is one of the ones that offer the most security measures. we can highlight that it is governed by AML / KYC legislation, so all transactions made by users through it will have to be previously identified.

To do this, traders who will use this platform are asked to present a document that accredits them, so Bitstamp does not operate anonymously.

As informative data of this platform, in 2015, it introduced the multiple signature security systems, since it was hacked and some 19,000 Bitcoins were stolen.


Coinbase is one of the platforms that currently has its center of action limited to residents of the United States. However, we could not stop talking about this support because it is worldwide known and one of the best in the market.

It was born in 2012 and is headquartered in San Francisco. It is one of the platforms best valued by users and has reached investments of around 75 million dollars.

One of the advantages of working with Coinbase is that it is a fully regulated platform and is governed by the relevant legislation imposed by the US authorities that ensure the proper functioning of this economic activity.


If before we said that Bitstamp was the leading platform in Europe, now we will affirm that BitPay is the most recognized support of Bitcoins worldwide. It includes its services of compare Bitcoin and payment method in many countries spread all over the planet.

Its birth took place in 2011 in Atlanta, but years later, in 2014, it expanded by opening other offices in cities as important as San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York or Buenos Aires.

In addition to offering the best services and tools for trading with Bitcoins, another of BitPay's peculiarities is that in 2013, it created a foundation called BitGive. The platform wanted to promote donations to NGOs and other non-profit organizations using the famous virtual currency.


A fourth central platform is BTC-e. It is widely used media in European countries, offering coverage in most of them. Unlike other platforms, BTC-e stands out because no identification document is needed to open an account.

Therefore, it facilitates users that all the transactions carried out are made from the strictest anonymity.

It offers these financial services since 2011, the year of its creation, and up to now, it has not suffered any problems regarding the security of the platform. It usually generates an average daily volume of around 10,000 Bitcoins. It also offers the possibility of operating with many world currencies such as the dollar, the euro, or the pound, among others.


One of the best widely used platforms by users is Kraken. With this support, a fair amount of Bitcoins can be bought or sold when needed.

The exchange can be done in two ways, or with other virtual currencies or, failing that, for fiat money.

In this sense, Kraken works with the market's central values , such as the euro, the dollar, the pound, or the yen.

Once again, we find a platform that asks users for an identification document to verify the integrity of the data they provide, so we will not create an account in the support if we do not present said documentation.

In addition to the advantages it offers individually, it also has an integrated corporate system for those users who are part of a business.

Its headquarters are in San Francisco, where it was located since 2011, the date the platform was created.


If the GoCoin platform stands out for something, it is one of the three supports associated with PayPal to introduce in this electronic payment system, a method with which Bitcoins could be used. Among the supports that are part of this agreement, GoCoin is the youngest platform created in May 2013.

Despite its short experience, it is one of the supports that has experienced significant growth in the sector due, among other things, to the possibility of working with other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin or Dogecoin.


The last platform that we are going to include in our list is Bitfinex. Like the others that we have mentioned, this support also has great worldwide recognition, especially within the Asian market since most of its operations are carried out from Hong Kong.

This platform's importance lies in the fact that it is one of the highest representatives within the quotation about Bitcoins and dollars. So much so that in a single session, it can move up to 50,000 Bitcoins, really outrageous figures.

Another advantage that Bitfinex offers is that it allows automatic robots for operations, just as it has a large number of orders available to issue.

Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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