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Which Cryptocurrency is Best to Invest in 2021?


Not the currency of Krypton but sure seems like something from outer space

Gone are the days when people used to be obsessed with Hollywood celebrities, Crypto-currency is the new talk of the town. With its constantly growing popularity, it has become imperative for everyone to be aware of it so before moving any further, let’s get acquainted with the term.

Crypto-currency; What is This Alien Term Now?

The popularity of the internet is no secret to anyone. Just one tap and a whole world of new possibilities come right in front of your eyes! You will find the best writers for write my dissertation UK based on the internet, you can find the best technical experts on the internet, and even offer services yourself to earn online.

This digitalization paved the way for cryptocurrency to come into existence. Crypto literally means something which is ‘hidden’ or ‘concealed’. According to assignment writing service UK, it is a digital or virtual currency, which is protected by cryptography which makes it impossible to counterfeit. Most crypto-currencies are based on blockchain technology, which iks a system of technology used to record information that makes it impossible to hack, alter, or cheat the system.

Which Crypto-Currency Is the Hottest in 2021?

As of January 2021, there are a total of crypto-currencies, some of which have a massive following while some stay unknown and unused. If you are someone thinking of investing in crypto-currency, here is a list of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021:

Even though there are thousands of other currencies in the business but Bitcoin alone represents forty percent of the market cap. It has been around for quite some time now. Many businesses around the world accept Bitcoin as payment, something which makes it a wise choice to invest in it. Tesla CEO Elon Musk invested nearly 1.5 billion in bitcoin recently which has driven many of his devoted followers to invest in bitcoin.

Unlike bitcoin, Ethereum does not just stop at the role of a cryptocurrency, in fact, it also paves way for the formation of new cryptocurrencies. The Ethereum network allows developers to create cryptocurrencies of their own. Despite coming late in the game, ethereum has made quite an impact.

One of the reasons why investors go for Cardano is because it offers fast and cheap transactions. When using a large network such as bitcoin, the transactions take more energy comparatively. Another thing to take into notice is that Cardano keeps improving its network to make itself more secure.

Polkadot (DOT):
Polkadot was created by Dr.Gavin James, who happens to be the co-founder of Ethereum. It does not have a single lane to complete transactions, like its name suggests, it has several lanes to complete transactions. The main motive of designing this crypto-currency was to identify genuine investors and rules all those individuals who are in this to make quick money.

Binance Coin (Binance):
Many crypto-currencies reached their peak in 2017. One of those was ‘Binance’. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Binance did not show a sudden and sharp growth, in fact, it grew slowly and consistently which makes it stand out. It is a safer option to invest in Binance as it brings with it fewer risks.

Tether (USDT):
What attracts investors towards Tether is its stability. It is known to be the most stable out of all the cryptocurrencies as it is directly tied to the US dollar. There is one dollar in the federal reserve bank for every one unit of tether.

One thing that differentiates Ripple from other cryptocurrencies is that it offers international transactions. If you resort to the bank for making online transactions it will take up to ten days but with crypto-currency, the same transaction would take just a few seconds. Along with this, the fact that ripple has connections with many big banks around the world attracts the interest of investors even more.

Things to Keep in Mind While Making Your Choice:

A few parameters should be set on the basis of which you will make your choice.

  • Cost: The fees of the cryptocurrency that you are going for.
  • Ability: The use of cryptocurrency in bank transfers and regular purchases.
  • Promptness: The speed or the promptness of the transactions that are made via your chosen cryptocurrency.

Final Words:

Crypto-currency is here for the long run and this is something nobody can deny. Keep in mind before investing in cryptocurrency is not a scheme that magically showers you with money in a short span of time. Invest only if you are someone interested in a long-term investment. It takes contemplation and a whole lot of patience when investing in crypto. What lies in our hands is to be wise with our investments and choose those avenues which guarantee the least amount of risk.

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