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Some Famous Crypto Exchanges That Are
Running in Singapore

Choosing a cryptocurrency to invest in is a tough task, but it is equally tough to choose a crypto exchange. Amongst all the steps that are involved while you begin with your crypto investment. Choosing the right crypto exchange is one of the toughest tasks. As Singapore has been quite amicable about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, that is why the country has in its list some of the most famous and top exchanges.

With so many available options, it becomes sometimes hard to choose the right crypto exchange platform that has some good and followable instructions as per its underlying working. This topic will strive to lead you through some top exchanges that Singapore has. The list is as follows:


The first one on the list is Binance. It has become one of the most popular and largest exchanges in the world in terms of trading value. It has in its list over 350 different assets that are related to crypto. Not only an exchange but it also allows people to earn interest through the various ongoing online mechanisms. You can also take the reference from the wealth matrix to clarify your doubt as per your requirements.


Kraken exchange is second on the list. This exchange has its base in the US that the people of Singapore use. As per some rankings, it ranked 3rd on the list of crypto exchanges around the world. One of the best features is that it speaks itself to be a trustworthy exchange and has positioned itself to be instantly available for redressal of any issue. Many other exchanges have to face some serious customer-related problems that other exchanges fail to redress. That is why this becomes more popular and trustworthy. Some other features that it provides are:

  • An instant issue redressal mechanism
  • Derive some benefits from low fees for trading
  • Trading into accounts that are secured by adding SGD
  • Charting tools that are properly maintained and are needy as per the need of time


Like Kraken, Bittrex also has its roots in the US. It is a US-based exchange that has been termed to be safe and trustworthy. Talking about the engine that it uses for trading is one of the swifts amongst all other exchanges, providing the fastest transactions. However, the fee charged per transaction is comparatively higher and per trading, they charge 0.25%. One other feature that this currency possesses is that you can make deposits and withdrawals in fiat if you possess its credit card. Further, you can trade around 350 different coins as Binance does.


Coinbase is a coin that has been most appreciated for its easy usage. It is after Binance, the “second-largest” crypto exchange in volume as per the ranks. In the United States, it is one of the most popular exchanges. Not this, it has also been termed to be one of the securities exchanges to trade on without any registered breaches until now. If you are its consumer then you can also get winning rewards by viewing educational videos. It also enables the very important aspect which is “two-factor authentication” and other enormous security features.


This exchange belongs to Australia and originated in the year 2013. It facilitates some professional features for trading and also allows other accounts that are related to institutional investors to facilitate business workings in Singapore.


Hence, I hope if you are looking for some top exchanges in Singapore, this article would have given you the details about those top exchanges. Apart from trading, crypto exchanges have so many other perks to offer that you will get to know with time.

Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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