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Crypto Asset Giveaways and
Rewards for Masternodes


A Masternode can be executed by anyone, since the goal is to have enough decentralization to ensure that no person controls a significant part of the Blockchain

It is Much Less Complicated than Mining

When entering the world of cryptocurrency mining, one of the terms we hear most is Node, which refers to any device that connects to a cryptocurrency network and uses the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) protocol which allows the nodes to communicate with each other within the network.

Over time the term Masternode, or master node, has emerged, referring to the operating system of some cryptocurrencies, a type of complete node that offers several services to the network and is rewards in crypto for it.

How Does a Masternode Work?

First, a Masternode must provide the service anonymously, in order to guarantee the decentralization of the network. It must also ensure that all transactions are validated almost in real time, which makes them quite efficient. You must participate in the administration and governance of the network and participate in the vote. You must enable the budget and treasury system in crypto.

These are the general functions, which may vary slightly between cryptocurrencies, depending on how the main nodes have been implemented. The earnings of a Masternode are related to several factors, such as the currency that is selected, the ease that it generates to the main nodes and the value that such currency will acquire in the future.

Within the profitability of a Masternode it is necessary to take into account the ROI (Return on Investment), which is itself, which will demonstrate the real profit. This ROI will depend on several factors:

  • The price at which the currency was purchased
  • The block rewards in crypto or incentive mechanism
  • The amount of MN that are active
  • The monetary cost of hosting MN
  • The time needed to accommodate MN
  • Tax implications of MN revenue
  • The price at which the coins are sold
  • The final price at which the currency is sold

Let's talk About Options in the Middle

There are many Masternode options to invest in, for which it is necessary to take into account the specific service provided by each MN in the network and its usefulness. Some are used to create an artificial demand for certain currencies (pump), which makes it necessary to perform an accurate analysis to get out of this type of investment.

A Viable Option in the Face of Expensive Mining

For many, the only way to earn cryptocurrencies is through mining, using supercomputers, wasting energy, the Internet, etc., but Masternodes are definitely an excellent opportunity to be part of Blockchain technology and earn rewards in crypto. An MN allows you to get involved and make a profit even when you are not operating.

There are several points to consider for the election of a Masternode, and one of the main ones, apart from documenting very well, refers to the choice of a currency with a good ROI (Return on Investment).

The ideal is to find the project that is more attractive, which can be done through several web pages, which contain the most preferred currencies and projects, such as

On these pages you can find many innovative projects, as well as information on the project website, whether they are a currency or an ICO, the number of currencies required, the current price in USD (Dollars) and BTC (Bitcoin), the % of annual and monthly earnings, the form of payment, in which exchange houses is the currency and its behavior.

Let's see what Profit System an MN Offers us

The gains that can be obtained in the Masternodes vary between 5% and 20% of the total reward of a block, depending on the cryptocurrency. There are listings of the most profitable that are published on websites such as

Explained in a more understandable way, the earnings with a Masternode are similar to those that would produce a bank account with interest but of the next level, since a large amount of currencies must be accumulated, according to the specialized process, which allows to obtain payments for rewards of the blocks constantly. These payments can represent considerable figures if the price of the digital currency increases in the future.

This is what is known as passive income, and although there are many who still do not accept cryptocurrencies and their underlying activities, this represents an excellent opportunity for interaction with the crypto ecosystem, especially if it is to make a profit even when sleeping.

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