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Comprehensive Comparison Between
Dogecoin and Bitcoin

If you have been pondering which one to purchase and which is better, here in this blog we will provide all the details you need to know about these two trading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin vs Dogecoin.Dogecoins are a virtual currency based on LiteCoin that has gained prominence because of its fast speed transactions (a minute or less) at lower fees than most other blockchain networks. It also offers large volumes for trades while maintaining an inflation rate substantially higher than many fiat currencies like US Dollar but not as volatile as some others such as Etherium's market price fluctuations over the past year reaching highs above 1900% only days ago before plummeting back down below 1400%. Compared with Bitcoins' growing popularity since 2010, it may be too soon yet to tell. Let’s talk about the comparison between dogecoin and bitcoin. Bitcoin is a currency that has limited issuance, and may be more attractive than others for longer periods of time. 

Common Things Between Dogecoin and Bitcoin

Dogecoin and Quantum AI are the new way to make payments, and blockchain technology is what makes it possible. Blockchain works by using a digital ledger that records transactions of all cryptocurrencies in order to prevent frauds while also ensuring proper functioning. And this system can be used for much more than just currency: It’s been tested for voting systems as well. Cryptocurrency use has increased at an alarming rate over recent years due to its security benefits and many potential uses beyond payment processing such as record keeping or even efficient electronic voting processes.

Bitcoin and dogecoin can be mined by powerful computers that perform mathematical calculations to create coins. Miners even earn coins when they process transactions for the currency. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies and with similar blockchain technology, many more could also exist in theory. Users of cryptocurrency have a semi-anonymous way to send funds but it seems like governments get better at tracking these every day so use them wisely.

Major Differences

Purpose of Making

Bitcoin was created with the need for a store of value in mind, while Dogecoin was made as an intentional parody. While Bitcoin is more serious and focused on facilitating transactions, DOGE can be used to tip others or post memes online.

Capitalization of Market

The market capitalization of Bitcoin and Dogecoin consists of the total extant coins multiplied by the trading price, but they’ve got a big difference. According to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin is significantly larger than dogecoin as it currently ranks number one among all cryptocurrencies traded on their platform with $6 billion in value; while dogecoin takes up 12th place at roughly $7 million. It's been reported that traders tend to cluster around top currencies like these two due to publicity reasons which accounts for why volume drops below 20 after this point ($8M). Regardless though, there are still thousands who trade bitcoins every day and even more (millions) using fiat currency.

Coins Limit

Many traders have switched to Bitcoin due to its hard limit on issuance, which is just about 21 million. This fixed supply essentially ensures that the price over time will increase because of this demand. Some people might see a benefit in having an unlimited amount since it means more Dogecoin for them; but by making production limitless and without any regard for inflationary pressures, dogecoins could lose their value one day as they become worthless if too many coins are pumped into circulation.

Final Words

Investing in either Bitcoin or Dogecoin has been an exciting venture for many. But which one is worth it? One of the most thrilling differences between these two cryptocurrencies comes down to their respective values over time: while both have become more expensive as a whole, Bitcoins' value seems poised to continue growing and instability with its competitor might lead some investors back into this elitist crypto currency's arms.

Though it's been a while since Dogecoin was in the limelight, its recent popularity has caused many to wonder if this will be an issue of lasting power. In fact, after being endorsed by celebrities and receiving investment from popular Reddit crypto groups on November 6th 2018 there was a dramatic increase in value which only lasted for one day before falling back down again. The coin is symbolic not just of well wishes but also that ultimately people want their coins to have long lasting success no matter what they're worth or how quickly they shoot up when times are good.

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