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Understanding Candlesticks Pattern For Cryptocurrencies

As opposed to anything more subjective like using your instincts, crypto candlestick charts offer a more objective view of the cryptocurrency price. Market timing is a common problem that many new traders face. Cryptocurrency maps can be used if you want to get a precise entry and exit point. How to read crypto charts? What are Crypto Candlestick Charts? Are you new to these terms?

Want to put your hands on crypto chart reading? For starters let’s understand Crypto Candlestick Charts important elements:

Time Period

The time period is the first thing to consider. The candlesticks are greatly influenced by the time period. Different time intervals can yield different candlesticks depending on the number of transactions that have occurred. Each candle would be 5 minutes long if your preferred cryptocurrency time period is a 5-minute chart.

Obviously, you can adjust the time span to make it more flexible, or you can pick from the standard time frames 5-minute, 15-minute, 1 hour, 4 hours, every day, weekly, monthly.

Trading volume

The trading volume will show you how much trading activity occurred during the selected time period. More details on the volume trading strategy can be found here. The longer the volume bar, the greater the opportunity to buy or sell.

Bearish vs Bullish Candlestick

Green candles are used to represent bullish candlesticks by default, meaning that the price has risen over the chosen timeframe. A bullish candlestick is when the closing price of a 5-minute candle is higher than the opening price. The bottom of the thick section reflects the opening price in bullish candlesticks, while the top of the body represents the closing price.

The candlestick wicks reflect the highest and lowest prices for the time period selected. There are various sizes available in the candlesticks. However, these price patterns are good for predicting future market trends. We refer to a variety of candlestick configurations that can predict what will happen next as map trends.

In the volatile cryptocurrency industry, a candlestick rarely holds its shape for long.

For example, if the 2-hour candlestick opens at $10 and then leaps to $13 an hour later, the candlestick's shape would have changed significantly since it first opened.

However, traders have discovered that no matter what is being traded, the same candlestick shapes appear at the same stage of a market trend. Identifying such formations can be very profitable because it can reveal clues as to when a pattern can reverse, continue, or when market indecision is at its height.

The "doji," "hammer," and "shooting star" are three of the most useful candlesticks for detecting a possible trend shift or gauging consumer sentiment. When traders claim a candlestick reflects human emotion or consumer sentiment, they are referring to the Doji. When an asset's price swings in both directions before closing at its opening price, the market is clearly undecided about the asset's true worth.

It’s not easy to understand it all at once when it comes to how to read cryptocurrency charts or how to read crypto market charts. Take time, understand the significance of each and market trends as well before you invest something in it.

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