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Bitcoin and Why We Must All Learn About It

Blockchain is the reality which everyone must accept. It is the best, most advanced way for handling data regarding transactions. It is highly encrypted and transactions done using Blockchain methodology can be revolutionary.

At the heart of understanding bitcoin lies the fact that we must separate the two. Bitcoin is the currency and blockchain is the technology on which it runs. The essence of the two is pretty different.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency from a trade perspective become helpful when thought of as a kind of next-generation trade and business procedure development software. Coordinated technology, like, promises to improve the trade processes that take place between companies, instantly and substantially reducing the “cost of trust.” For this line of prudence, it might be able to offer a visibly greater return for every investment money spent than almost all orthodox internal investments.

We cannot look away from the fact that bitcoin and cryptocurrency are nothing but a form of transactional currency. This means that audit firms and financial institutions are highly invested in such assets. Companies like PwC have made massive strides in the field of research regarding Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and the recent Dogecoin.

These companies explore the beginner days of bitcoin and provide survey information on consumer interface, trials and usage capability and so much more. A deeper probe into the market participants can be a great help as well. From investors to purchasers, how to invest, exchanges and volatility must be studied accordingly.

How to invest and where to invest Crypto?

Crypto Exchanges

A cryptocurrency exchange unlike normal financial exchanges in self-operated and helps to trade currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are open 24*7. It makes trading and monitoring easier. You might not require a third party to engage in the trading at all. By self-regulation, we make trade more accessible to the lay person.In India, investing as little as Rs 100 to Rs 500 can earn massive gains. Such low limits are allowed to test the reliability of a certain cryptocurrency.

P2P Methodology

So, you do not support corporates? That is fine as well. Choose Person to Person mode of transaction. It will not entail any joining fee or usage fee.

This is more of a shorting methodology. In this case, you are playing in the derivative market where you can put any valuation on the contract that you are putting forth. Generally, there will always be an interested buyer who wants to either sell or buy depending on the position they are holding. Although this market has greater complicacies than the one mentioned before, it is easy to get a hang of it once an interested individual begins the trade.

Mining using Bitcoin

This where interesting blockchain technology merges with bitcoin technology and makes everything in the crypto market even more beautiful. So, the miner has to successfully add a block of transactional that to the network of blockchains and earn rewards for this kind of an investment every ten minutes.

Mining requires a high level of complex transactions and involves knowledge about the equipment used in mining and finding out about the various ways it can yield one profit.

How to start with Bitcoin in India?

It is relatively easy to chart into the Bitcoin territory in India. With platforms like WazirX taking huge strides in making bitcoin accessible to us, we are stepping into higher technological wokeness. With the emergence of a new period of cryptocurrencies, the demand for these invisible transactional elements is increasing manifold.

Open an account in these exchanges and make it a small deposit of Rs 100 and check-in which way the transaction goes. If the returns are high enough, make the big jump and invest a substantial amount in these currencies. Then take a step back but keep a keen eye on the market movements. Keep all the essentials like identity proofs handy as you might be asked for them at any point in time.


Cryptocurrency still remains unchartered territory as it might be more technical than meets the eye. However, one must not shy away from it.

Home Article Library Cryptocurrencies
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