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Bitcoin Mining Guide for Beginners:
The Ultimate Guide on Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining has become a competitive industry within the Bitcoin economy. Due to a large number of miners in the Bitcoin ecosystem, mining equipment has become expensive and many people have turned away from Bitcoin mining due to its high costs. A mining guide for beginners is meant to tell you how you can get into Bitcoin mining even if it means that you simply buy Bitcoins with your bank account. Bitcoin Revolution is one of the authentic guideline platforms which can provide complete information about bitcoin trading and also keep you up to date with it, 

If you are determined to get into Bitcoin mining despite all these difficulties, then this Bitcoin mining guide for beginners is right for you. In order to get started with Bitcoin Mining, one needs adequate hardware along with proper software. We will discuss both these factors in detail later on in this article.

Bitcoin Mining

First thing first, let's take a look at what Bitcoin actually is. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and it is basically a digital form of currency. Bitcoin mining refers to the process by which new Bitcoins are generated. New coins are created as an incentive for Bitcoin nodes called miners to process Bitcoin transactions. One can also receive Bitcoin by simply buying them with your payment card or bank account, but Bitcoin mining offers more reward since you get paid in terms of Bitcoin not fiat currencies like US Dollars or Euros.

Bitcoin mining has become competitive due to the large number of people mining Bitcoin on their personal computers. However, if you have access to cheap electricity and equipment, then you can still mine Bitcoins along with other altcoins that are profitable these days. You should only invest what you can afford to lose because Bitcoin Mining involved risk. Bitcoin mining is not meant for everyone. Bitcoin Mining software can be installed on your computer system to get started.

Bitcoin mining involves adding Bitcoin transaction data to Bitcoin blocks. This ensures that Bitcoin blocks are accepted by the Bitcoin network and become part of the blockchain. Once a Bitcoin block has been decrypted, the successful miner will receive newly generated Bitcoins which they can either choose to hold onto or sell for fiat currency like US dollars or Euros. The image below shows how this process works:

Steps to Start with Bitcoin Mining:

There are several factors involved in mining Bitcoins and we have elaborately discussed them all in our guide here. To give you a quick idea about it, we will discuss some important steps involved in Bitcoin mining as follows: Bitcoin mining involves Bitcoin Mining Software, Bitcoin Mining Hardware, and Bitcoin Mining Pools. We will discuss all three steps in detail in our Bitcoin mining guide for beginners.

Bitcoin Software: 

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, the use of Bitcoin mining software is a must. Bitcoin mining without Bitcoin software leads to slower hashing rates and lesser returns. Bitcoin Mining Software needs some technical knowledge while some Bitcoin software like BFGMiner can be used even by newbies (it was made keeping newbie miners in mind). The most critical part while installing Bitcoin Mining software is choosing one that supports your hardware and runs without errors on your system. 

Once you download the Bitcoin Mining Software, you get direct access to monitor everything related to Bitcoins such as block information, hash rate, etc. Bitcoin Mining Software is now available for all types of operating systems including Windows, Linux, etc. Bitcoin software is highly configurable and can be used to mine different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin mining software is freely available on the internet but one needs to make sure that it has been downloaded from a trusted source. Bitcoin Mining Hardware: Bitcoin mining hardware takes the next most important role in Bitcoin mining after Bitcoin Software. 

You can't expect your computer CPU or GPU to mine Bitcoins since they are not made for the sole purpose of Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin Mining Hardware needs dedicated circuits with good processing speeds along with efficient cooling features. It also requires you to keep an eye on things like power consumption, fan noise, price, etc. Let's discuss some popular Bitcoin Mining Hardware being used these days. 

Bitcoin ASIC miners Bitcoin Mining Hardware Bitcoin Mining Pools: Bitcoin mining pools are groups of Bitcoin mining nodes (computers) working together to mine Bitcoin. There are several Bitcoin mining pools including Slush's pool, Eligius pool, etc which you can join easily by allocating your hashing power or by purchasing shares of Bitcoin mining companies like Cloud Hashing, Genesis mining, etc. Bitcoin Mining Pools involve less risk than investing in individual Bitcoin Miners since the rewards that one gets on joining any Bitcoin Mining Pool are shared among all members of that particular Bitcoin pool.

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