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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Unchained

To understand the bitcoin and its operations demands that we first understand how bitcoins and cryptocurrency works. Bitcoin was first discovered by an anonymous group of people or an individual (this is not clear since the inventor’s identity was withheld as anonymous) called satoshi Nakamoto. After their invention, followed by the 2008 bitcoin crush, the field was then left open for any developer who was interested in joining the platform for the purposes of investing by buying tokens or disposing of their assets. This means that the encrypted technology is open, publicly viewable and information can be added by anyone.

Decentralization refers to the transfer of control and decision making from a centralized point which could be an institution, organization or a group, to a distributed network. These networks are usually focused on reducing the level of trust that the users must put in one another and alters their ability to control each other in ways that degrade the functionality of the network.

Bitcoin is not only necessarily a currency, but it is also designed to work in whichever way the user desires or intends it to. Via the blockchain technology, just one bitcoin can be broken down into 100, 000,000 pieces and further distributed across networks where all the interested parties are able to access it via coded language. One such technology platform is Bitcoin Circuit that will help you trade to maximize potentials even as the Bitcoin volatility keeps rising.

This also implies that that this technology can be modified and be incorporated into forms that can be useful in many sectors or industries, globally today.

The blockchain technology is fast and universal, and does not depend on any forms of physical infrastructures. This gives it an edge over traditional methods of money transfer that often require that a physical presence of either client or individual interested in acquiring or disposing of their assets access these points of service.

Examples of Bitcoins’ incorporation

Bitcoin implementation in the health sector as well as in the operations in the health field can be designed in such a way that, a particular type of a predetermined currency is used specifically for this sector to procure medication as well as classified supplies or even used as a medium of exchange for the services offered in the hospital. And in this line, by using the blockchain technology, ensure that this particular type of currency is used for the designated purpose only. Furthermore, measures are put in place that govern these operations to ensure that this form of currency can only be used for a particular duration of time upon which after it elapses, the said currency cannot be used anymore. This will thus prevent fraud cases as well as situations where individuals or even groups of people hoard services. Security and privacy of data is also assured.

We can thus conclude with an aura of authority that crypto involvement in trade and other sectors or industries is safe.


Systems that mine bitcoins have transitioned over time to become very powerful, in that, technology has come into play a lot more than has previously been witnessed. Bitclouds have been created, whereby an individual can now procure their own space in the server to mine bitcoins as explained by CoinDesk. This way, the network is more supportive and reliable. This also means that their counterparts who have not invested in the bitclouds suffer a reduced potential. Put in simpler terms, the bitcoins value of investment continues to increase as the profitability from mining goes down. This is the high volatility in bitcoin that we keep hearing of, from many sources.

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