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What is the Best Bitcoin Robot?

Bitcoin is the world's most famous cryptocurrency today. It can be found more and more often in the portfolios of traders and investors. Therefore, the demand for Bitcoin bots for trade will be high. 

Crypto robot trading is a program code that generates and executes buy and sell orders on crypto markets. This is the software that takes care of all the actions of the player of the exchange.

The major components of Bitcoin robot trading include:

  • entry rules that signal when to buy or sell;
  • exit rules that show when to close the current position;
  • position sizing rules that determine the amount of crypto to buy or sell. 

Do cryptocurrency robots help you earn Bitcoins? Yes, they certainly do. Therefore, many hedge funds, banking institutions and large financial companies hire machine learning and financial algorithm experts. These people are responsible for developing automated trading bots.

A crypto robot software strategy can be very simple, such as this: 

  • when the price of Bitcoin goes down, it must be bought; 
  • when the price goes up, it must be sold. 

However, there are much more complex algorithms. They can consider recent data history, and indicators, or be guided by signals from different sources. High-quality bots analyze more than a hundred parameters when placing orders.

Benefits of software for trade

Let's look at the pros and cons of crypto robots to have a certain understanding about them. 

  • Absence of the human emotions factor. Traders, especially beginners, are subject to emotional stress - usually because of increased volatility due to some political or economic news. Bots are controlled by algorithms that only evaluate market movements and will not buy or sell bitcoins in a panic.
  • Crypto trading bots make trade more efficient because they can perform multiple tasks at the same time. They can easily handle tasks such as analyzing multiple cryptocurrencies, making trades, scanning the market and other tasks. The bot has no chance of missing an opportunity, as a human would.
  • A Bitcoin robot's reaction to an important signal will be significantly faster than that of a human. This advantage is especially important in day trading, executing thousands of transactions per trading session. A Bitcoin day trading bot will do this brilliantly. 
  • Humans need rest, which is why many people can't devote over a few hours a day to trading. But the bot works around the clock, it doesn't need to have a break.

Cryptocurrency bots can not only trade but also manage your investment portfolio. For example, a Bitcoin investment robot will advise how many bitcoins should be in your portfolio as well as how to balance them with other cryptocurrencies, making your portfolio diversified. 

The best bot for Bitcoin trading

Trading bots are very common in the cryptocurrency market.. You can download Bitcoin trading robot software from the internet, or purchase it from the developers. If you are using free programs, you need to keep in mind that they may have no effect or even be fraudulent. 

The most effective, convenient and safe bots are those that are part of automated trading platforms. We advise you to pay attention to WunderTrading trading platform, which has long proved itself as a reliable resource for crypto trading with a wide range of tools. 

Wundertrading's extensive functionality allows you to create your own Bitcoin trading robot. It requires no programming skills and can be done with just a few mouse clicks. Essentially, you set your own rules for the trade according to your trading strategy - the percentage of taking profit, percentage of stop loss, percentage of trailing stop, and other variables.

Once you're done and running the bot, it will stick to your rules and trade on your behalf while you do your own business. 

The enormous advantage of WunderTrading is also that you only need a free account to start automating trading.

Wundertrading is a great place for those who are at least somewhat interested in trading bots. Sign up, connect your accounts from cryptocurrency exchanges and automate trading using trading bots, ‌taking your income to the next level.

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