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If you have a challenging career, or even if your personal life often presents stressful situations, you need to check out the wonderful Audio CDs from The Hypnosis Network...

Qualified mental health professionals have worked together to bring you effective psychotherapeutic audio sessions that can motivate you to create resilience, focus, and persistence in accomplishing your goals.

Are you shy on dates or in social situations? Do you feel like you can't be yourself around others? You have the ability to conquer these challenges naturally, with the help of The Hypnosis Network. You can now learn valuable techniques for promoting change in yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Clinical hypnosis has helped thousands of people to find the power within themselves to make drastic changes in their lives. The Hypnosis Network is a group of highly accredited hypnotists and psychotherapists who have brought the amazing power of hypnosis to CD!

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This is a full list of the Programs:


Enjoying Weight Loss - excellent weight loss program

The Non-Smoker's Edge - comprehensive quit smoking program

Managing Stress and Anxiety - stress and anxiety relief

Hypnosis: The Pain Solution - manage chronic pain

Smooth Surgery, Rapid Recovery: A Systematic Hypnotic Approach - research-based pre-op and post-op program

Hypnosis: The Headache Solution - relieve chronic headache pain

Relieving Dental Anxiety - end fears about dental work

Career and Success

Productivity Engineering - helps end procrastination

Mental Toughness - overcome obstacles to your goals

Workplace Survival Skills - excellent for those who work for organizations

Subconscious Sales Success Strategies: Cold Calling - make more appointments in less time


Core Sports Performance - the ultimate mind training program for athletes

Accelerated Sports Healing - heal faster from injuries

Advanced Sports Pain Management - helps manage nagging pain

Confidence / Self-Esteem

Core Inner Strength - increases confidence and self-esteem


Test Taking Mastery - helps with study skills and test performance

Public Speaking

Overcoming Performance Anxiety - ends public speaking fear

Children's Development

Five Funny Critters - emotional intelligence for children

Sammy the Elephant and Mr. Camel - helps end bedwetting

Sex and Relationships

Maintaining Pleasure - overcome erectile dysfunction [ED]

Shared Couple's Trance - the relationship saver

Lasting Longer - overcome premature ejaculation

Pure Ericksonian Hypnosis

Preparing for Uncertainty - prepare for the unknown - great reviews

The Hypnosis Experience - the ultimate Ericksonian experience

Hypnosis Network

Trans4mind recommends in-depth hypnosis programs created by The Hypnosis Network. They publish the best recorded hypnosis sessions in the world, all from state-licensed mental health and medical professionals.

Unlike many companies selling hypnosis sessions, they select individual therapists for each topic. Each program they produce is developed by the most qualified therapist for the subject area in the English-speaking world.

Every therapist holds a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in a psychology-related field, and is an expert in the use of hypnosis as well as the topic area in which they record for The Hypnosis Network. The Hypnosis Network review the journals, research therapist backgrounds, and then ensure that each program is safe, backed by research, and effective.

Their hypnosis programs have been acclaimed by psychologists, doctors, and clinical hypnosis organizations, as well as individual customers.

They back all their programs with a one-year money-back satisfaction guarantee if they are purchased directly from The Hypnosis Network.

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