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If you have a challenging career, or even if your personal life often presents stressful situations, you need to check out the wonderful Audio CDs from The Hypnosis Network. Qualified mental health professionals have worked together to bring you effective psychotherapeutic audio sessions that can motivate you to create resilience, focus, and persistence in accomplishing your goals.

Are you shy on dates or in social situations? Do you feel like you can't be yourself around others? You have the ability to conquer these challenges naturally, with the help of The Hypnosis Network. You can now learn valuable techniques for promoting change in yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Clinical hypnosis has helped thousands of people to find the power within themselves to make drastic changes in their lives. The Hypnosis Network is a group of highly accredited hypnotists and psychotherapists who have brought the amazing power of hypnosis to CD!

If you have questions about hypnosis, or are interested in reading excerpts from the latest scientific research involving hypnosis, or would like more information about hypnosis for a particular problem or concern, you're in the right place. Browse our knowledge base of articles, research, and interviews...

Understanding Hypnosis

Hypnosis 101
Definitions of hypnosis, myths about hypnosis, helpful applications of hypnosis, and questionable uses to avoid.

Is Hypnosis Medically Approved?
The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association have approved hypnotherapy for use by professionally responsible individuals. The British Medical Association also adopted hypnosis as a viable therapeutic tool in 1958.

What Is Hypnosis?
Finding a definition of hypnosis that everyone agrees with is virtually impossible. Because they come from diverse backgrounds, the different therapists in The Hypnosis Network probably would not agree on a single definition. So here are multiple definitions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis
Are the results of hypnosis permanent? Can any person be hypnotized? Can I be controlled? Answers to these and many other questions you may have about hypnosis...


Interview with Dr. Randy Gilchrist on The Non-Smoker's Edge
Randy Gilchrist, Psy.D., specializes in using hypnosis for smoking cessation and for managing stress and anxiety. Meet Dr. Gilchrist.

Interview with Dr. Jack Singer on Core Sports Performance
Recently Dr. Jack was interviewed by Chris Shugart, the editor of T-Nation, on hypnosis for sports performance and weight lifting.

Interview with Dr. Neil Fiore by Peter Shepherd on Mental Toughness and Productivity Engineering
There are many ways that hypnosis can help an individual. I recently had the opportunity of interviewing Neil Fiore, Ph.D. who has produced powerful psychotherapeutic audio sessions for The Hypnosis Network.

Interview with Dr. Shirley McNeal by Peter Shepherd on Core Inner Strength
After listening to 'Core Inner Strength,' a program developed by The Hypnosis Network, I was so impressed that I contacted the owners and asked if I could interview the therapist, Dr. Shirley McNeal. I think you will find this interview very informative and you will especially enjoy the special offer I was able to arrange for you.

Interview with Dr. Roberta Temes by Peter Shepherd on Enjoying Weight Loss and Sleep Mastery
What are the factors that disturb a person's rest and what can hypnosis do about them? Getting to sleep in the first place is an ordeal for many people. How can they just switch off their worries and concerns, and their anticipation (or sometimes fear) of the next day? How could losing weight possibly be enjoyable? Doesn't it take tremendous willpower to stick to a regime in the face of temptation? These and more questions answered.

Product Reviews

Review of Workplace Survival Skills
Dr. John Dyckman describes how his program can help you develop the valuable communication skills necessary for reaching your full potential in the workplace.

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Review of The Non-Smoker's Edge: Your Guide to Smoking Cessation
Terry Martin of has an in-depth look at Dr. Gilchrist's program. awarded The Non-Smoker's Edge a full 5 stars. Getting past your smoking addiction will be much easier with the help of this mental tool.

Review of The Hypnosis Experience and Preparing for Uncertainty
"In these two programs, Dr. Eric Greenleaf creates a relaxed, natural feeling, assuring his listener that the process of hypnosis is easy, though some of the things accomplished within it may be difficult." Will Handy, MSSW, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter.

Review of Sammy the Elephant and Mr. Camel
"Those schooled in Ericksonian trancework will . . . appreciate how masterfully Dr. Mills weaves classical Ericksonian techniques into the story to accomplish an unconscious parallel retrieval of resources that would result in an enhanced esteem and sense of empowerment in the listener. The target audience goes beyond children with bedwetting problems."

Choice Suggests Our CDs as a Coaching Tool
Choice: The Magazine of Professional Coaching says, "Hypnosis Network is a reputable source for solid, ethical, and effective audio hypnosis programs. Many of their offerings address common challenges clients bring to coaching."

Nick Usborne Recommends Productivity Engineering
Nick Usborne, award-winning copywriter, says, "Fiore works to help you access positive attributes within your unconscious mind, and consciously access them when you need them . . . I am managing to hold onto my high-producer mode much more consistently."

Review of Shared Couple's Trance
"While [Dr. Ritterman] skillfully incorporates the standard Ericksonian techniques into these trances, her wonderful style and approach also are uniquely her own. I enjoyed listening to her CD." Kathleen Donaghy Ph.D., The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter.

The Health Ranger Gives Hypnosis Network 5 Stars
Mike Adams, founder of Truth Publishing, reviewed Managing Stress and Anxiety, Core Inner Strength, and Productivity Engineering. He says, "The audio quality was outstanding, the inductions were effective, and the suggestions were extremely well planned and executed... Overall, I give the Hypnosis Network five stars for offering outstanding audio hypnosis programs at a fair price. I recommend them to everyone."

Hypnosis Research

Hypnosis and Healing
A team of researchers headed by Carol Ginandes of Harvard Medical School and Patricia Brooks of the Union Institute in Cincinnati wanted to determine if hypnosis could speed wound healing and recovery. The results? Those who were hypnotized healed faster than those who were not.

Hypnosis and Pain Reduction: The Latest Research
A study reported in the November-December 2004 issue of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine found that volunteers under hypnosis experienced significant pain reduction in response to painful heat. They also had a distinctly different pattern of brain activity compared to when they were not hypnotized and experienced the painful heat.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Does It Work?
Research demonstrates a significant effect when using hypnosis for weight loss. See a sampling of studies.

Talking to the Amygdala: Expanding the Science of Hypnosis
Recent brain research indicates that it is possible to talk to the amygdala, a key part of the brain. An experienced hypnotherapist can thereby relax the autonomic nervous system. This gives the body an opportunity to rebuild its immune system in many chronic illnesses.

Hypnosis and Headache Pain: The Research
Summarizes a number of studies from 1975 to 1992 using hypnosis as a treatment for headache pain, particularly chronic migraines.

How Effective Is Hypnosis in Relieving Pain?
An overview of studies exploring pain management with hypnosis, particularly in regards to surgical recovery, pain processing in the brain, and specific pains.

Hypnosis Scams

Beware the Cult of Personality
Some hypnotists may claim to be able to help with every issue. It's not possible: no single individual can be knowledgeable in EVERY hypnosis topic available. Here's what to watch out for.

Knowledge Is Power
Beware of "Certified Hypnotherapist" (CHT) hypnotists who are not licensed health-care professionals, or those whose degrees come from diploma mills. Beware of audio hypnosis programs that claim to use subliminal messages or make unrealistic claims.

This Cat Is Not a Hypnotist
Advice on how to find a qualified hypnotherapist, from Steve K.D. Eichel.

The Certified Hypnotherapist . . . CAT?
Steve K. Dubrow Eichel, Ph.D., ABPP, conducted an experiment in hypnosis certification, applying for credentials for his cat, Zoe, under the name of Dr. Zoe D. Katze, Ph.D. She was certified by five credentialing bodies.

Brain Science

The Necker Cube: An Experiment in Perception
A Necker cube is an optical illusion first published in 1832 by Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker. Given a little time, most people see this image in two different ways. These variations in perception are extremely relevant for how you lay down memories in your mind.

Hypnosis Network

Trans4mind recommends in-depth hypnosis programs created by The Hypnosis Network. They publish the best recorded hypnosis sessions in the world, all from state-licensed mental health and medical professionals.

Unlike many companies selling hypnosis sessions, they select individual therapists for each topic. Each program they produce is developed by the most qualified therapist for the subject area in the English-speaking world.

Every therapist holds a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in a psychology-related field, and is an expert in the use of hypnosis as well as the topic area in which they record for The Hypnosis Network. The Hypnosis Network review the journals, research therapist backgrounds, and then ensure that each program is safe, backed by research, and effective.

Their hypnosis programs have been acclaimed by psychologists, doctors, and clinical hypnosis organizations, as well as individual customers.

They back all their programs with a one-year money-back satisfaction guarantee if they are purchased directly from The Hypnosis Network.

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