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"The Secret of How to Change Your Life" by Bill Harris

Spend a moment contemplating deeply what I'm going to say, because I think it is very important. It is, in fact, often the biggest stumbling block people have in their attempts to become happier, more successful, and more peaceful.

I often receive letters or e-mails from people who are unhappy and desperately want to change something in their life. Sometimes they want to end a chronic and negative emotional state that has taken over, such as anxiety, depression, fear, or anger. Sometimes they are experiencing one drama or crisis after another, and cannot seem stop this cycle. Sometimes it is a substance abuse problem, or a problem of being in and staying in an abusive situation. Sometimes it is a lack of money or personal success, or an inability to create what they want in the world.

Whatever it is, these people write asking for my suggestions. I write back and tell them what I think. In response to my suggestions, I often hear back from them something like this: "I tried that. It isn't me." Or, "I read that book, and there wasn't anything in it that resonated with me." Or, they say: "I can't, because ...." Sometimes they say, "It's just my nature to be (fill in the blank)." Or, "That goes against my values, beliefs (or whatever)."

At that point, we get down to brass tacks, because now I really begin to understand what the problem is. It's that they think they're going to stay the way they are, continue to think the way they think, continue to act the way they act, and yet somehow THEIR PROBLEM IS GOING TO CHANGE OR GO AWAY!

So let's get really clear about one fundamental truth about life and about change: if you continue to think the way you are thinking now, and continue to act the way you are acting now, you will continue to get the same results you are getting now. There are no exceptions to this.

The life you are leading - the amount of success you enjoy, the amount of money you make, the kind and quality of your personal relationships, the amount of pain or pleasure in your life, the amount of drama and crisis, or stability and inner peace, in your life, the amount of emotional pain or emotional balance you experience - are all the direct result of how you think and how you act.

They are NOT the result of your environment, other people, luck, the alignment of the planets, or the telepathic mind control techniques of evil aliens.

This means that if you want to change your circumstances and your results in life, you must change how you think and how you act. If you are determined to continue thinking and acting in the same way, resign yourself to getting the same results, because (trust me) that is what will happen.

So how do you know what changes to make in how you think and act? Find out how other people who are getting the results you want are thinking and acting, and copy what they are doing. If you think and act in the same way as people who are getting the kinds of results you want, you will get those results too. This ALWAYS works.

The problem comes from your resistance to doing it. I get many letters from people who complain of lack of material resources,for instance, but when I suggest thinking and acting like those who are making a lot of money, they tell me they can't. Making money isn't spiritual, they say, or it exploits people, or they don't have the energy, or they aren't smart enough, or whatever. If that's what you think, you're right, you will never become prosperous, because prosperous people do not have those beliefs. To be prosperous, you must find out what prosperous people believe and adopt those beliefs. You must find out what their values are, and adopt them. You must find out what their internal strategies for making decisions are, and adopt them. And so on.

Unless you accidentally trip over buried treasure or win the lottery (I know some of you actually think you will), there is NO OTHER WAY to become prosperous than to adopt the beliefs, values, attitudes and mental strategies of prosperous people - and then take action in the same way prosperous people take action.

The same can be said for creating inner peace, creating loving relationships, or any other desirable outcome. Find out how those who are already doing it have constructed their inner map of reality, and adopt the same inner map for yourself. Then, take the same actions. If you do this, you will succeed.

If you insist on keeping your beliefs, values, strategies, and the other aspects of your map of reality, and just cannot get yourself to adopt those of the people who are creating what you want to create, then be prepared to continue getting the same results you've been getting, because that's what is going to happen. Your life results follow directly from how you think and act, and there is no getting around this.

How to do you find out what the people you want to model believe, value, and so on? How do you learn their strategies and actions? You can find this information from books, or from people in person. You can find it on audio cassettes. If you look for it, it is all around you. In these articles, I'm giving you huge clues in how to do this. I'm particularly trying to paint a very clear picture of all the aspects of how people do the "think" part of thinking and acting, but I also throw in some of the "action" part from time to time as well.

The only thing that is keeping most people from getting what they want in life is that they haven't yet figured out that:

1) Whatever results you get in life flow from how you think and act, and
2) To change your results you MUST change how you do these two things.
If you like your current results, great. If not, you now know what to do.

Finally, using the Centerpointe program helps this process immeasurably because it creates increased conscious awareness, increased ability to watch yourself create whatever it is you are creating in your life. As you watch and become more aware, those parts of your way of thinking and acting that do not serve you begin to fall away and are replaced by more resourceful ways of living. If you are consciously modeling those who are creating what you want to create, it only accelerates the process. Becoming more conscious causes everything fall into place. So keep listening to those Holosync soundtracks (or get in the program if you're still procrastinating).

Anyone who is still breathing can change how they think and act and get any result they want in life, whether material, emotional, physical, or spiritual - including you. So what are you waiting for?

Hope this helps.

Bill Harris,
Director, Centerpointe Research Institute

Centerpointe Research Institute

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