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How does the 'Celestine Prophecy' fit into SQ?

When James Redfield wrote 'The Celestine Prophecy', he crystallized a new spiritual vision for millions of people around the world. The book provides a model for the emerging global renaissance already under way ... an awakening that will reshape our world in the new millennium. This vision encompasses many diverse ideas; psychological, historical, political, scientific, spiritual and even mystical. These are the primary 'insights' or ways forward originally outlined by Redfield and re-described here:

  1. Search for Meaning.
    Spiritual awakening begins with the recognition of an inner urge to find more meaning in life than the issue of bodily survival or day-to-day mundane matters. We may be quite happy but a deeper truth eludes us - yet we know it is there. As we respond to this inner prompting and step back to look more objectively, we begin to notice "chance coincidences," that are really no coincidence but rather synchronistic events in our life. This synchronicity demonstrates that an underlying process is operating, that there is a causative factor underlying the material and mechanical - spiritual forces that oneself is playing a part in.

  2. A Larger Perspective.
    While the preoccupation with survival and comfort has been a necessary step in Man's development, many are now awakening to the real purpose of our life on this planet, and the real nature of our universe. We observe our culture within its proper historical context. The first half of the past millennium was spent under the thumb of the church; in the second half we became preoccupied with material comfort. Now, at the end of the twentieth century, we begin to see how conditioned we are by our upbringing and the media, and by our own decisions and belief systems. We're ready to question everything in order to discover life's ultimate purpose - and our actual purpose in being here.

  3. Conscious Energy.
    The next stage in our raising of consciousness is the realization that the universe is living, that all is conscious and a dynamic energy, including ourselves. We begin to see our connectedness. We become aware of the subtle energy that infuses all things and the relationship we have with that energy, and of the emotional energy that is so easily misdirected by negative thought but which also can empower our greatest acts and most noble goals. By consciously becoming co-creators we can have a positive effect on our world, by focusing our attention in the desired direction.

  4. The Compulsion to Be Right.
    When we feel we are right, when we get attention from others, we feel more Energized. This results in an unconscious competition for energy which underlies all conflicts. By dominating or manipulating others, we get the extra energy we think we need. Sure, it feels good temporarily - but both parties are damaged in the conflict. As we begin to become aware of these power struggles and their futulity, we learn that there is, actually, no lack of energy - that we are part of an unlimited Source of energy and there is no reason to feel weak and insecure.

  5. A Sense of Oneness.
    By connecting with the divine energy within ourselves, this empowers us in a way described by mystics of all traditions. We sense our oneness with everything and this enables us to encompass all with love. This mystical experience is the key to overcoming conflict in the world, and it is available to everyone. To nurture the mystical and build your energy, allow yourself to be filled with a sense of love.

  6. Clearing the Way.
    By experiencing connectedness we then become acutely aware of those times when we lose connection, usually when we are under stress. By viewing objectively - in the present - we can see that this stress is self-imposed, the result of mis-conceived ideas carried over from the past, that cause us to interpret circumstances wrongly and to feel self-defeating and inappropriate painful emotions. In these times, we can see how we try to recover control by manipulating others - such ways as intimidation, being judgmental, making others feel small or by attracting sympathy. How this occurs is described in the online book, Transforming the Mind. Once our manipulations are brought to personal awareness - as we become, emotionally, more intelligent - our connection becomes more constant and we can discover our own growth path in life, and our spiritual mission: the personal way we can contribute to the world. Sound personal development techniques can help in this process.

  7. Personal Transformation.
    Through contemplation and meditation, focusing on your basic questions about life, you start riding a steady stream of intuitions, dreams, and synchronistic coincidences, all guiding you in the direction of your own evolution and transformation.

  8. Widening Our Scope.
    To take our transformation further, we need to widen the scope of our responsibility, to uplift every person that comes into our lives. We are here to support and teach each other. Talk to people who make spontaneous eye contact with you. Avoid codependent relationships. Be there for people. Empower people to look objectively at their thoughts and to release their true feelings, and so gain integrity. In groups, speak when the spirit - your intuitive knowingness - moves you.

  9. A New Age.
    As more and more people work toward completing their spiritual missions, this will start to have a profound affect on the culture. It will 'catch on' and there will be a quantum jump in consciousness. Such growth will move humans into higher energy states, uniting this dimension of existence with the after-life dimension, ending the mechanical cycle of death and rebirth that occurs due to limited awareness, fixed ideas and compulsive attachments.

  10. Manifesting The Vision.
    Throughout history human beings have been struggling to express the spirituality that we all feel lies deep within us. Religion has tapped into this but without providing a way to personally develop our spirituality and to overcome the obstacles. We each incarnate with a mission, and as we pull this understanding into consciousness, our life takes new meaning. We sense a common world vision of how we can all work together to create a new spiritual culture. We know that our challenge is to hold this vision and work towards it with all our heart.

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