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"I'm compulsively analytical - how can I rebalance?"

I've read books, done therapy, and consulted with many for over 16 years without any substantial progress. Among other problems, I need to deal with a mental compulsion to break apart words and phrases into symmetrical groups, the continual counting and sorting of everything I see, and the uncontrollable parade of ideas in my head competing for attention. This interferes with concentration, impairs decision-making, and leads to frustration and depression.

I would welcome suggestions, possible solutions, reference materials, referrals, anything you might recommend. Thank you for your help.


Thanks for your letter. When I asked about this situation for you, I was told that you have what is called a negative overgrowth, which is something, as far as I understand it, like what a physical tumor would be, except on the emotional, energetic plane. Like mold growing on bread. It's a bit different from that, but that's as close as I can describe it with the limited knowledge I have of it.

What I suggest that you do about this is get in contact with a very powerful psychic, medical intuitive I know and have worked with myself for many years. If you want her number, please e-mail me back, and I will give it to you. She does some of the most powerful work, I think, on the planet, and can do quite amazing work in person, or healings and energetic work over the phone.

Blessings, Ayal

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