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"How to begin as a healer and light worker?"

I want to be in the field that you are in... where do I start...???? I have been studying metaphysics since 1998 on my own and believe myself to be very Enlightened about the UNIVERSE but somehow I feel a strong conviction that I should be bringing others into The Awareness about themselves and also about the World Within our own Consciousness.


Hi. I began my studies in alternative healing with taking a course to become a yoga and meditation teacher. Then I took a course to become a reiki practitioner, then moved on to get my massage therapy certification, polarity therapy, hypnotherapy, and shamanic training.

Beginning in any area that interests you is the place to start. There are many areas of study - taking an excellent course of training is the first step and is important. I suggest you do some reading and research of what is offered - fields such as Grof holotropic breathwork, Feldenkrais, acupuncture and chinese medicine, shiatsu, touch for health, and umpteen more, just to name a few - and then find out where to go to take the training, and from there, continue on learning and advancing in your studies and training. Check out holistic healing magazines and see what is offered where.

Best wishes, Ayal

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