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"I want to move on but feel scared of the unknown"

Dear Ayal,

I am new to this and not sure how to go about it. But here goes. I am at a point in my life where I am making positive and good changes for myself. I am interested in moving house for many reasons but feel held back due to familiarity and being scared of the unknown. How do I create the type of place I want to manifest in my life and provide security, comfort and a new and healthy beginning?


The antidote to fear is always trust and love. A great definition of FEAR is "False Expectations Appearing Real"... fear is imagining what may happen - it isn't real. So, the trick is to use the power of imagination, or visioning, and put it toward what you DO want to create - thinking and feeling and seeing all the wonderful things that you will experience by being in a new place. Let yourself feel deeply and truly feel how it would be to experience all the things you are now choosing to have in your life.

Use all of your senses when imagining this - smell how the air will smell, what colors and sights and sounds you will experience, actually feel the coziness and attractiveness and serenity of your new home and how it will look, what pictures will hang on the walls, etc. - let your whole being "be" there already. Yogananda said "The fastest way to be somewhere is to be there already".

Emotion (or deep feelings) is the key. It is E-motion: it is the "E" ..."Energy" that puts things into "motion." A great affirmation is to put out this intention: "I am now ready and willing to experience _______________ and I allow this to come into my life and be made manifest for the Highest Good and Greatest Joy."

Best wishes, Ayal

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