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"A person has attached to me and I feel he is taking me over"

Hi Ayal,

I've been battling something that happened to me in one of my classes at college nine months ago. A week before the final exam, the professor in one of my classes gazed at me while lecturing in class; a gaze that lasted at least a couple of minutes. But before this happened, I could never understand why he could never look me in the eyes. As a result of his gazing, I feel that his spirit has entered into my body. I wish I wouldn't have looked back at him as he was doing this, but because he could never look me in the eyes, I thought to myself, ok, now you finally can look me in the eyes. Afterwards, I found myself unusually attracted to him, and started doing things I had never done before. I went out and bought a Xmas card to give to him at the end of the semester. I had the urge to return to see him again. I even suggested that we become friends. All these things I had never done before in my entire lifetime. I had become so preoccupied with him, I lost sight of my goals, I could no longer concentrate. It was like his spirit entered my body and took the place of my own spirit, like an indelible mark. Everywhere I go, he is with me, no matter what I'm doing. How can I undo what the professor has done to me? What do you think happened? This has never happened to me before.


Well, I suggest that you do a meditation/journey. First, surround yourself with white light, like a sort of force field, and state that only that which is for your Highest good be allowed to pass through. Lie down somewhere private and safe in which you can do this journey, and, after taking deep, slow, calm breaths and relaxing completely, ask that you be protected by and guided to your Power place by your guardian angel, or a being of the Highest Light, or the Christ energy. This will be a place that only you can enter, that will feel wonderful and uplifting to you, and that is in total harmony with your being. Once there, ask to see what happened, still having your guardian angel or the Christ energy with you. Then ask that you be shown what to do - you may need to ask that the white light travel through your body to release any energy that is not your own; you may see psychic cords attaching you to to this person, which can be energetically cut, etc. Ask that the beings of Light aid you to do whatever is for your highest good to release any energy that is not your own.

It is a good practice to daily surround yourself with white light, and state your intention that only that which is for your Highest Good be allowed to pass through. It is said that something can only "happen to us" if we allow it. On some level, if something "happens" to us, we are in coercion with it. Perhaps unconsciously. Otherwise, we are in victim consciousness. You may want to think about any beliefs that you carry that tell you that you can be overpowered by another's will, or invaded, or that someone can "do" things to you. If you believe this, then you will, of course, create experiences to back up this belief. So, you may want to check into what you believe and see if there is another belief that you would rather have that works better for you.

Blessings, Ayal

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