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"Please help me more - my situation is not improving"

I need to manifest money/job immediately: what do you suggest? So far I have used affirmations, visualizations, listening to tapes, reading many, many books, and yet I am without a job at the moment and my bills are still coming in. What do I do? I have been pretty calm and up to this point. However, I feel that I could be close to the edge. What is blocking my prosperity? I really do feel that I deserve financial prosperity. I have been focused on it for so very, very long. What do I do?

As soon as I have some monies coming in, I am still very interested in setting up some counseling sessions with you. I honestly believe that you can help me so much. I don't have any friends or family members that can help me with my "stuff," and I know that you would be honest and nonjudgmental.


Hi - I think if you read the Laws of the Universe a LOT, and really work with them on a daily basis, using them to understand what it is that you are creating from, and what you are believing, you will begin to move on to a higher vibration and level of understanding. Prosperity is, as we spoke before, an issue of creatorship and self worth. If you have any victim consciousness or self worth/self hatred issues still floating around, it will inhibit you from manifesting what you desire. All I can tell you is that there are layers and layers to all of this - I suggest that you sit in meditation daily, for at least 20 minutes, get very still and open to receiving answers, and then ask your Higher Self what you need to see or understand in order to work through this issue of prosperity. When you work through that layer, ask again.

In the meantime - you might begin with these questions:

1) What's the emotional payoff for remaining where you are?
There's always something we are holding onto, or getting out of being stuck where we are. In other words, what would you have to let go of that you are emotionally comfortable with in order to change? Even if it's something that is unconscious - something that consciously you may not think that you want or believe. This requires some deep insight and some real honesty with yourself. If you are truly willing to be that honest with yourself, you will discover what is holding you back. Ask and you will be answered. If you really want to hear and deal with the answer, that is. You have to dive in deep.

2) What's the fear behind being prosperous? What would happen if you did get a job?
From our last discussion of this, you said that you deserved financial prosperity, but you also said that you believed that only the young and beautiful deserved to be rich. To get prosperous, then, according to that belief, you would have to be young and beautiful. If you don't believe that you are young or beautiful, well then, guess what happens? You have created a cross current of energy here where this belief cancels out your wish for prosperity.

Use the part on changing core beliefs in the Laws of the Universe to work with this, or whatever other untrue belief shows up for you. Take yourself through that process. When you get free of all this, or even begin to shift the energy around it, a job will show up for you. Just get the energy moving.

Best wishes, Ayal

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