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"Is entity clearing necessary and if so, how to go about it?"

Hi Ayal,

About 5 month ago I visited a clairvoyant and one of the things that came up in the session was that I had some entities attached to me, that somehow prevented my guides from coming close to/ connecting with me. The clairvoyant, although he had never worked with entities before, "demanded" the entities to leave me, and a short time after, he told me that my guides preformed some sort of cleansing on me. I didn't feel anything changing while this was happening, but I'm certain in the "reality" of what was happening then - it wasn't just imagination on his side.

Lately I've been thinking about whether or not it is the right time for me to start some entity / attached beings clearing processing. As I feel a bit uncertain on this matter I would really appreciate your viewpoint on this.


I'm not sure if what you are uncertain about is this particular process, or whether or not you need to do a process at all...? I can tell you that it can be very useful to tune in to yourself and to the energy around you to see whether or not there are negative entities that have become attached to you - a check in, at times, as it were. If you sense that this may be the case, or are feeling some discomfort for some reason, then it would probably be a good idea to trust your instincts and do a clearing, if the clearing process feels right to you and resonates with you.

Meditation on a daily basis, and using the white light to clear your space daily, or twice daily, is a good preventative method for keeping your space clear also. There is an Aura-Soma essence - the deep magenta, that is an aura protector and keeps negative energy out. It can be ordered by email to Also, a good way to keep yourself and your environment clear is to put about a cupful of Epsom salts in an iron skillet, and then pour about a capful of ever clear 100% grain alcohol on top of that and light it (being very careful, of course). It will produce a small flame that will clear out negative energy in general, like a smudge stick will, except that it is more effective. You carry the skillet around the house, and you can smudge yourself with it as well.

Best wishes, and thanks for the inquiry, Ayal

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