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"I feel blocked and unsure of my spiritual path"

Dear Ayal,

I have been on a spiritual path intermittently for many years and yet I don't feel as though I've made much progress. Most of my friends consider me a positive, upbeat, fun, and successful person, but many times I feel the exact opposite. Even though I recognize the connection between thought and manifestation, I often find myself hating my life as I feel unfulfilled, stuck, and profound distress about pretty much every area of my life (intimate relationship, career, money, family). Here are my specific questions.

1) I've explored several spiritual paths yet I'm still not particularly drawn to one. Do you have any sense or suggestions about which would be the most appropriate for me?

2) What do you do when you've got so much "stuff" to work on it's immobilizing? Other spiritual teachers have suggested just working on one area at a time but I've had little success. I've focused on attracting a healthy loving partnership yet I've gotten almost no positive results in this area.

3) Am I being blocked by past-life experiences, family karma, or other energies outside of my immediate consciousness and if so how can I address that?

Thank you for any guidance you can offer.


Hi - thanks for your letter. Well, what I am getting that is causing some of this difficulty for you is that you have some negative entities hanging around you. It would be good to get that cleared. I can give you the number of an excellent and powerful healer who does that work via long distance healing if you like.

Regarding the question about having so much stuff that you feel immobilized - I think the clearing of the negative entities will help that - also, when you find that an issue has come up for you, what I find helpful to do is to first of all see if you can distill the energy down to the basics. In other words, get as clear as you can about what the issue is, where it comes from, what it feels like in your body - really get clear on what it is. Ask questions to your Higher Self about it, and be receptive to receiving answers. Then make an intention to change it. I use this formula:

I now allow, and am willing, ready, and able to fully transmute this issue of _________. I am willing to fully transmute this, and I allow myself to now live from a place of _________ in my life, 100% of the time, from this time forth.
You can look up changing a core belief in The Laws of the Universe also, to follow that procedure, if you like.

Then just let it go, in trust that it is being taken care of. Surrender it to the Universe, God, etc. Sometimes, once you start this in motion, you may find that you are discharging the emotional energy connected to the issue - or, you may feel as if the issue is intensified for a bit as it is brought to the surface to be worked out. Just be aware of that, and ride it out, staying in that place of trust.

I do think that joining a meditation and/or yoga group would be good for you. I get that Kundalini yoga would be especially suited to you. It's an intense workout, and really moves energy on a deep level. You can look up the 3HO Foundation on the internet. They offer classes. Check out meditation groups in your area to see what feels good to you.

That's what's coming through for you.

Blessings, Ayal

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