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"How is it possible for a positive energy to work in a negative way?"

Dear Ayal,

I understand about the positive and negative energies that human body has and how effective these energies can be if concentration is put on them. But, how is it possible for a positive energy to work in a negative way? I will try to make my point clear by a couple of examples. One day my sister walked into a party (she is very beautiful) and all the eyes in the room turned toward her and people started complimenting her one after the other. Only a few minutes later, while she had a glass of water in her hand, the glass shattered for no obvious reason! I can understand that even though people were complimenting her, one or more may have meant opposite and threw negative energy at her (am I right?).

However, sometimes this happens between people who truly love each other. For example, I say to my son, "thank God you haven't been sick in a long time" and soon after that he gets sick! Or it could even happen when we say something about ourselves! I say I have been very happy with my car and soon thereafter my car goes to the mechanic shop! Another example is when my friend's 19 year old son died in a car accident. He was such a good boy and when he passed away, everybody said this happened because he got compliments all the time. How does the energy work in these cases? By the way, I am not a negative person at all. Once again, thank you very much for your help in solving these matters for us all.


Hi - I'm not sure why the glass shattered when your sister was holding it - although I am getting that it may have been symbolic of some shock your sister is, or was, dealing with - from some sort of trauma - it did not have to do with her getting compliments. We have to be careful about thinking that certain things are tied together when they may not be. It can be something other than what we see.

What I am really sensing from you is a fear of negative energy - even by your statement that you're not a negative person "at all". Well... we ALL have our issues and shadow parts to work out - you included. To deny it is to, well, be in denial of a part of yourself - an important part, not a "bad" part. Negativity - what we call negativity - is just the other end of the see saw - this is a big thing for people to get - it isn't anything to be feared. For instance - is a piece of coal "bad" or negative because it isn't a diamond? Well, they're the same thing - they're each at one end of the see saw: the diamond comes from pressure being exerted on coal - the diamond is in effect, the evolution of the piece of coal. Well, coal performs a service: it is used for heat, a form of light. It still has light within it, and a purpose.

The same is true with issues that we have not turned into diamonds yet. Our issues, or "dark places" are simply energy waiting for more light to come into them, and they have an important part to play in helping us to evolve. If those issues weren't there to push us onward to be better human beings, we would not evolve, right? So, they have an important role to fill, and they do it, with what is actually Love - they play their part well - they put pressure on us, like the pressure needed to turn a piece of coal into a diamond. But neither the diamond nor the coal is good or bad. They're both just part of the process. If you deny or fear something as negative, you distort it, you reject it, and throw it away from you, instead of embracing it for its purpose. And that's when things can get out of balance.

So, if you are unconsciously holding your son up to a standard of only being well all the time, or you fear his being sick, it is an impossible place for him to be - no one can just play on one side of the seesaw - we have to go both up and down if we play on it. That's life. That's like saying the breath should only go in but not out, or the day should only be there but not the night. In other words, your son probably picked up on your fear of him being ill, took it in, and got sick, because he got out of balance with it - thinking that he had to stay well or else mommy would be afraid - that being sick was a bad or fearful thing. It's like someone saying to you with a lot of fear in their voice: "Don't drop that glass!!" What do you end up focusing on, then? Dropping the glass, of course.

Have you heard the expression: "What you resist, persists?" That is because you end up really focusing on it due to your fear. When you love something and embrace it, that is when it transforms. Anything you reject will keep showing up in your life until you work through your fear of it and can learn to love it, or, in other words, see its purpose. We can't reject any part of ourselves, or any part of life, for we are everything, as God is everything. If you accept something as a part of it all, and you embrace it as part of the wholeness of everything, and you see its purpose, then you don't hold it to you out of fear. You can use it, instead, like the piece of coal, to help you on your way.

What I hear in your question is a kind of superstitious fear. Knowlege does away with superstition. That boy didn't die because he got compliments. But - and here's the balance inherent in all things - if he ONLY got compliments and was never taught to be alert and aware of himself in relationship to others and to his environment - in other words, if he became arrogant, or careless, or thought he was invincible, he may have been less aware of what was going on around him, being aware only of himself. That can create an out of balance situation. Whether or not this was the case, I don't know. Maybe his soul only came in to live that long this time around. Maybe he did what he came in to do. Who is to say his death was wrong or bad? We don't know that.

When we understand how energy works, how the laws of the universe operate, then we realize that fear and resistance are not useful methods of navigating through life. They come from illusion and a misunderstanding of what's really going on. Read The Laws of the Universe at the beginning of this column. That may well help you with some of this. Thanks for the question and your sincere desire to understand.

Blessings - Ayal

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