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"Is our destiny pre-planned for us? Does God know best?"

Dear Ayal, two questions:

I would like to know what your opinion is about destiny? Is our destiny pre-planned for us, or is it solely made by us or is it combination of both? If or when it is pre-planned, is it done so by Us, by God, or they are both same thing? Sometimes things happen that it seems like the accident was nothing but a pre-planned event and some other times it seems like if one did otherwise at some point in his or her life, things would have happened differently! Can we or should we change our destiny at all?

Also: It is always said to leave everything to God (vs. insisting on doing or getting something), since He knows what is best for us. On the other hand, it is also said that praying is something very good and very powerful to perform and if we want anything for us or for others it is always good to pray. Now, my question is that if God knows what is best for each and every one of us, then why pray? I would appreciate your response to clarify these subjects for me.


Wow. Good questions! Whew. Well, these are two of the great questions of all time that sages and scholars have always pondered. I think, and this is simply my personal belief, that the ULTIMATE destination we each have is pre-planned - in that whatever road we take will eventually lead us back to God. We all arrive there. Because it's what we all are. It's our Source, and we all remember that Source at some point. But I think that, along the way, how we get there, what choices we make along the way, are up to us. I think that there are an infinite amount of roads to take, and I think that we CAN change the way our life will go in a moment, for that particular lifetime, depending upon what we choose. But we will always find our way - there's no right or wrong - just different experiences that we will have depending upon what we choose. That's what free will is all about.

It is said by some that there are streams of possibilities that flow around us in this universe, and sometimes you will see one that you hadn't thought of before - it will come close to the one you are traveling on, in space and time, and at that moment, if you see it and make the grand effort to do so, you can leap across to it and create an entirely different future. Some believe that all possibilities are already created. Some believe new ones get created all the time. I think the latter is true. But in the sense that all possibilities still lead to God - well, in that sense, it is all already here. A bit of a mind boggler, yes? Because I think these are questions beyond the understanding of our human minds, in the long run. It's on a whole other level that our minds may not be able to quite get yet.

In the book Conversations With God, the concept is presented that this is a never ending journey that we, or God, as us, is on - going from one adventure and experience of learning and growing to the next. When we master the game, Conversations With God says, we can start all over again, and play again. Like a video game - we go on to a different level to gain more mastery and experience and have more fun. I think it's like becoming a bigger and bigger tree - or planet, or galaxy - we continue to grow and be able to hold and play with more and more energy. But, others may believe differently. This is what feels right for me.

As for your second question - I think that yes, prayer can and does change things, because it is a putting out of energy - it is a way of making a choice, or a decision, for something that you choose to bring into your life. That is free will, too - to choose to pray for a certain something. An outcome that you are choosing to manifest, and calling in the help and guidance of those who carry larger amounts of energy than we do at present. Ultimately, once again, the God in us does know what is going on, and in that sense, if we are in the place of ultimate surrender and attunement with the cosmos, we don't have to pray, as we are so in the flow of it that we KNOW that everything is happening as it is meant to, and it is all perfect. We just KNOW where we are meant to be at a given moment - we KNOW the perfect note we are to play at any moment in the cosmic symphony, and we know how to play it. There is no longer any separation between who we are in this particular body, in this particular lifetime, and the Source of All. We're directly in the flow of it all.

Until we develop that level of connection and mastery however, we play the game with what we have developed thus far, making choices and learning as we go, developing that capacity for KNOWING. I think that it may be like this: when we are first learning a dance, we may be a bit awkward, or have to stop to remember how it goes, or we may laugh as we lose our balance and bump into something - but, as we practice it enough, we get so that we just KNOW how to do it with our eyes closed - we just relax into our body and let the dance just happen. We don't have to think about it - so we can really just allow ourselves to have the joy of just flowing with it and FEELING it - and that is a whole 'nother level of experiencing the same thing. But as you are learning the dance, you may need to ask for teachers and assistance, right? Same with prayer.

It is important however, to be really careful about praying for others, as we do not know what is right for them. That is for them to do. Otherwise, we can impose our will, our ego or limited understanding of what's going on, on their journey, and that is not appropriate. You CAN ask that what is in perfect alignment with their soul's journey be given to them, for their Highest Good, (leaving whatever that may be to them and their divine spirit), with their permission and agreement.

Thanks for the thought provoking questions. Always fun to journey with those big ones!

Blessings - Ayal

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