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"How can I become aware of my spirit guide?"

Dear Ayal, I am interested in learning about Spirit Guides. I'm told we all have a guide. What can you tell me about mine? How do I go about becoming aware of my guide?

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation.


Yes, as far as I know, we all do have spirit guides, just as we all have family, or come from a family group - except that it's on the spiritual plane. We usually have many - sort of like a spiritual committee that looks after us, or is available to us for guidance.

There are many ways to get in touch with spirit helpers. I suggest that you go to a metaphysical bookstore and ask for a tape that offers guided visualizations on finding your spirit guide. There are also books that offer this - one that I know of is called Alchemcal Hypnotherapy, and the author also has tapes out with guided visualizations which are very good. I don't have information on people's spirit guides, but you can find out directly for yourself through this kind of meditation. And first hand experience is always best, and more empowering.

Blessings, Ayal

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