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"My privacy invaded by a discarnate being"


I have been hearing a voice. I saw an astral person crouching beside my bed, head in hands. I don't know what the voice is saying, but I feel my privacy is invaded. My friends and family think it is not real. I have not gotten a satisfactory answer to this question from others I have asked. What should I do? Any info you receive I am open to. Hope you can help. Thanks.


There are many discarnate entities around - that is, souls that have not moved on to their next life experience. For different reasons, they can get confused and lose their way, not knowing how to get to the Light and move on. Often they are stuck in some sort of difficulty or pain. This may be the case with the being you saw. Sometimes their attachment to people or situations keep them stuck in a sort of limbo. I understand your feeling of your privacy being invaded, but the real issue here may be that you are being asked to help from a place of understanding and love. If you could feel compassion for this being, and let go of feeling invaded - and move to a place of caring instead, you may be able to be of help.

I have two suggestions. One is that you contact someone reputable who deals with helping souls who get lost along their way (I can give you a phone number of someone if you desire), or that you call in, or ask in meditation or prayer, etc., for the Archangel Michael, and ask him to take this soul to the Light. That may be enough to do this - but I sense that what is needed if you take that route is that you ask, in love, for this soul to be guided and helped. Otherwise, you can contact someone who can help find out what is needed to help this being along.

Blessings, Ayal

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