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"No matter what we do we always have some money issue"

Hi Ayal! You have been helped me in the past about some family issue, and its been great. What makes me write you again is we are facing extreme financial difficulties, it seems no matter what we do we always have some money issue.

I worked for Citibank for 7 years, in 2007 God blessed us with a baby boy so I quit my job and started my own business from an extra room in my house. I started teaching kids how to paint, that's what I love and can spend hours in it with out getting paid. I have 10 kids now. Although kids are paying me, still I can't make a living out of it. My husband used to work for a company but was laid off. We found some franchise business, it worked good for a year but now some mismanaging happened and we are not even able to make our mortgage. Don't know where and how and what we are doing wrong.

I have two kids, a nice house, loving husband, family close by, I am very blessed but I get very tired and stay grumpy coz of our financial situation. I know that money is an energy, I am aware of law of attraction too, but can't figure out what to do? I have back pain, allergies, my daughter have asthma, eczema, tummy ache, my husband have blood pressure and very bad anxiety issues. I just can't hold on too much on this, things are slipping away from my hands. Keeping house clean, cooking, kids, running my business from the house, family health issues, finances not strong, makes me very tired and down. I want to improve my life and have abundance. Help.

Hi – thanks for writing in. Glad that what we've shared before has felt beneficial for you.

Well, it sounds as if you are under a tremendous amount of stress. What is showing up first of all to help you with that is a soul retrieval. Parts of our essence can get lost due to trauma and stress, and they need to be brought back to us so that we have all of our life force present in order to deal with life. So, I invite you get in touch with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and see if you can locate a practitioner near you. Soul retrievals are very powerful healings and help one to receive back the life force one needs to cope well with life, to feel more whole, abundant, safe, and creative.

You are also needing to cultivate more trust in God, Source, Divine Creator, All That Is – whatever you call it, that is where you need to put more trust. You need to put yourself into those hands, rather then trying to control things by holding onto so much fear (as you said: "I just cant hold on too much on this things are slipping away from my hands"). All of the symptoms you described in yourself and your daughter are symptoms of fear. Allergies are reactions against life, not flowing with life. To flow you have to trust, like gently floating down a peaceful river in a big inner tube. Right now you have about 20% trust going on, and it needs to be brought up to at least 70%. Find a strong way to grow that for yourself! Here's something you can say and focus on to help you with this:

"With enormous GRATITUDE I now agree to ACCEPT my Best Good, in all ways, and any and all nurturing, wonderfully supportive gifts from the Divine Creator in just the perfect time in delightful ways that express the HIGHEST GOOD for myself and for all Life everywhere. "

You may know about the Secret and that kind of information, but you're not feeling it, and feeling it is the key. When you feel it, you become a magnet for it.

That's all I am being told to offer you at this time. It's actually a lot, and plenty to work on.

Blessings, Ayal

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