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"How to release negative emotions?"

Hello Ayal

Despite possessing a considerable amount of intellectual and theoretical knowledge about emotional states and subconscious patterns, I have had a very difficult time applying what I've learnt to my personal transformational work. I feel as though I haven't made much progress even though I have been trying to understand myself and my patterns for years now. How does one know if they have successfully released a suppressed negative emotional experience? When it is said that one has to relive as an adult the pain that was not fully felt in childhood in order to heal an energetic block, does that mean that the individual actually re-experiences the events through their childhood psyche? Maybe it would help me if you could describe the process. Also, I would be interested in knowing if all physical imbalances and conditions are caused by emotional disturbances.


To answer your questions - when you have fully released an emotional issue, you will know it because you will be creating a different reality in your life. You will no longer have the "charge" or emotional trigger that you once had around that issue. It will just be neutral. Therefore, since there is no longer a charge to the issue, you will not magnetize that same sort of thing into your life in any way, shape, or form. This requires releasing any judgments of right or wrong that you still carry about the issue. There is no right or wrong. We CHOOSE to put a right or a wrong on any situation or experience. Experiences are in themselves neutral. We have not been taught this. We have been taught that there is a right and a wrong. But how can that be, if God is everything? Is there anywhere God is not? There's a lot more to this, but this is a good starting place. (Read Gregg Braden's book, 'Walking Between the Worlds').

As soon as we put a value judgment on anything, and decide it is right or wrong, thus judging it, we create an emotional charge around it which acts as a magnetic force. This magnetic force keeps creating that issue then, as a loop in your life. Check your judgments. I don't think one has to relive the pain one felt in childhood, but one does need to allow the emotional charge to release, which does mean that you do need to deal with the issue and see what created it in the first place. When you do that, there will probably be an emotional form of release, which is healing. For instance, if you believe that you have been victimized your whole life, and you evolve in understanding, you realize that you created being a victim because you believed you were not good enough. Then all those years of absorbing the pain from feeling victimized, and the pain or anger you may initially feel from believing you were not good enough will need to be released - to make room in your system for new energy. It doesn't have to be painful. That's a belief based on fear. A release can feel great!

I still hear a judgment in your question regarding having to relive the pain of a childhood experience. If there is a fear of pain present, then you are still carrying a big charge around the issue. What makes you see that issue as painful rather than as a learning experience that you chose to create for yourself? If you perceive it that way, there is no charge. If you take full responsibility for creating it for the reason of growth, knowing fully that no one can create anything in your reality but yourself - and that you create from your beliefs) that deletes the charge. It can only be resolved if you get what that lesson was that YOU created the situation for. Ask yourself: What was my brilliance and purpose for creating this for myself? It would be great for you to read Gregg Braden's book, 'Awakening to Zero Point'. It deals with this impressively.

In answer to your last question as to whether or not all physical imbalances are created from emotional disturbances or distortions, the answer is, I believe, yes. Thoughts create emotions. As soon as you have a thought, you have an emotional response to that thought. Emotions create a magnetic charge and a responding chemical change in the body. Your thoughts and the accompanying emotion that is generated actually create your physical body. So, as a thought is a belief, your beliefs and their emotional counterpart create your physical body and your reality. Your body is the external mirror of what is going on inside of you. Check out the information for healing an erroneous core belief in The Laws of the Universe, if you like, for a process to work with.

Best wishes and blessings, Ayal

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