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"Could you please heal me from whatever is weighing me down?"

I was wondering if you offer free past-life healing for me please, as I am very low income. I feel I'm hanging on to so much pain and heaviness and I think I have past life memories of being sexually assaulted and strangled, and persecuted or hunted somehow. Could you please heal me from whatever is weighing me down or blocking joy,love and "lightness" from coming to me? I want to heal and be free from fears. If you're not able to accommodate, I completely understand. I am hesitant to go to the local psychics for help because I was scammed out of a lot of money a few years ago, and the experience traumatized me from seeking help for a long time.


It is great that you are looking for and are ready to grow beyond your fears. That is a huge and important step to take. However, I can't "heal you" - but you can heal yourself. Asking me to "heal you" is a form of you thinking you have no power, and that's exactly the issue that's up for you, right? – feeling helpless and powerless. There is no magic pill someone can give you, and no one can do it for you. You have to build up your own spiritual muscles and strength, to do it for yourself. You can certainly ask for help along the way but just the fact that you phrased it the way you did – please heal me, and I have nothing to give in return – tells me that you have issues of being powerless and helpless and that, yes, you are right – those issues definitely need to be explored and healed. I can give you ways to do this, but you yourself must grow the strength you need to help you heal yourself. Do you see the difference between saying: "Could you please heal me?" and "I want to heal and be free from fears, and so I need some guidance as to how to do that for myself." Do you see the difference in self responsibility there, and a belief in yourself that you have the power to do this for yourself? That is what you need to heal.

Blessings, Ayal

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