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I've been getting extreme panic attacks and wonder what the cause is

I'm wondering if you can help me out. Lately I've been getting extreme panic attacks, and I'm wondering what the cause is and what it means for me. I've tried to figure it myself, but I'm too close to the subject. There are lots of things going on, but I can't pinpoint any one of them as the cause. It's been going on for about a month, and it's getting worse. Primarily, it wakes me up at night with racing heartbeat and shortness of breath. It's the tight chest and the shortness of breath that cause the most distress. I used take Bach Rescue Remedy to help, but it's not helping this time. My inhaler (which I don't use that often) sometimes helps and sometimes makes my heart race, which makes it worse. I don't take any caffeine. I've had panic attacks years ago, but they were minor and would go away, never this bad and this consistent. Is it Physical? Mental? Spiritual? Emotional? Past Life? Your insight and help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi – well, something is going on where you are feeling triggered and disturbed and frustrated – something to do with the masculine energy being too dominant or overbearing for you... does this resonate? So, it seems to be on the emotional level that these panic attacks are arising. It has to do totally with trust.

If you are feeling dominated in some way by a masculine energy in your life, it may feel as if your own will is being overpowered, and this relates to the 1st chakra. Track who or what is triggering you – what you are allowing to disturb you, and explore your reactivity to it – what is that reactivity is about? There is an issue of disconnect involved here – feeling disconnected. And this can often create a deep sense of anxiety.

You are needing to be able to have a more open heart, also, which correlates directly to the trust issue. It is difficult to follow your own inner guidance, to allow yourself to be guided by it, if your heart is closed and you lack trust. Energetic disorders usually arise from not trusting life in some way.

You are needing to be able to take responsibility for yourself and your own happiness.

Responsibility is "the ability to fulfill one's needs and to do so in a way that does not harm oneself or deprive others of the ability to fulfill their needs. It is the ability to be who you are in your fullness." Yoga would be good for you to help with this. Getting in touch with your own body/self in a gentle and peaceful way.

Anxiety comes when we don't trust our own ability to take care of ourselves, and in some way we have given our power over to another. Then, if we lose trust in that person, we have nothing to stand on where we feel safe. If we don't trust ourself, which is trusting your own inner god spark, or guidance, we don't trust life, god, etc. then life becomes extremely fearful and frightening.

You can offer this prayer:

"I am open to receiving guidance about my fears, and why it is difficult for me to surrender to inner guidance. Thank you."
Check into where you feel you "lost face" and how this relates to any unwillingness you may have to be able to trust. This all has to do with your own sense of your self identity.

A Bach flower Essence, sweet chestnut, would actually be very helpful for you. It deals with an anguish that seems to be unbearable.

My guides are wanting me to share this with you:

Learning to deal with necessary losses is part of everyone's contract. Although we feel physical and emotional pain, our spiritual purpose is to become aware of the reasons for such events – or, to create meaning out of them., so, a physical wound needs to be transformed into a spiritual passageway, converting the actual experience into its symbolic purpose.

Two good prayers/visualizations for you:

  1. The Pink Shield of Protection
    Visualize yourself standing in a tube of pink light that surrounds you like a wall of light. (About 12 inches away from your body, completely surrounding you). The pink light is alive and it emanates strong, loving energy - like a sun giving off strong rays of light. The pink light sends strong love inwardly to you and also sends strong love outwardly to anyone you meet. Nothing but love can penetrate this wall of pink light that surrounds you now.

  2. Prayer for the Motivation to Exercise:
    "Archangel Raphael, I know that you care about my physical health as much as I do. Please give me clear guidance that I will easily understand as to how to perfectly and permanently heal myself on all levels, including what type of exercise programs would be fun and beneficial for me. We both know that physical exercise provides so many benefits that would help me. I ask that you enter my dreams tonight and help me find the motivation to heal myself and to exercise regularly. Please motivate me to take excellent care of myself and help me have any time, support, insight, or money that I might need to put that healing and/or exercise program into motion without delay. Thank you."
That's it for now.

Blessings, Ayal

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