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"I'm experiencing energetic colors. Can I use them to heal my child?"

I'm hoping you could point me in the right direction. I've been googling like crazy looking for any explanation or any knowledge about what I continue to experience recently. It all began after my 3 year old Autistic son had a huge regression stage. He lost the few words he had and grew very short tempered and frusterated. He was hurting emotionally, just as I was not being able to communicate. After the worst episode of confused like charades, I laid him down for an early nap only to bring this nightmare temporally to an end. I and he were drenched with tears, his loss, and my hopelessness. I raised my hand towards the sky and began to pray like I never did before. I've never been religious, but always believed we are connected to a great father like power.

I, for the first time in my life truly surrendered. My tears instantly turned to peace. I had a semi smile (Mona Lisa) and was filled with confirmation that my father heard me and was guiding me. I saw the illuminating golden glow on the ceiling; it expanded with every breath, retracted and expanded again when I exhaled. It was changing to green and back to gold. Since that one day I've experienced colors almost everyday (happy days). They now have evolved to pink, gold, green and white lights with dark centers. I, today for the first time was able direct the lights on my son's forehead while he slept; his body reacted by jumping when the intensity of glowing was evident.

I am focused solely on by baby's recovery. Can you give me any information on do's and don'ts for directing colors on loved ones? I'm going purely on instinct but would love some info from someone experienced in seeing colors with their EYES WIDE OPEN. I believe from what I've read, it is healing energy. I'm a newbie and don't have time to waste othe road to recovery. Anything you have to offer is greatly appreciated.

P.S. Last night I saw many bright white and light yellow, sharp, seeping mist like medium size energy, with I think faces... faces I couldn't see in detail. One kind of looked scary. Am I doing something wrong? I'm not going to go there again until I hear from you. My husband, the first time he experienced my energy while he was asleep, said he heard music, "Who's that lady" really loud and clear. He responded with why did you turn the radio off? This last time with the faces, he responded startled with "What was that loud noise?" He said it sounded like the washing machine was off balance or someone moving furniture in the next room. Should I be alarmed? I was told by someone, experiences like these act as a Beacon to spirits, good and evil. True or false. Thank you in advance.


Yes - I think you have opened up an ability to connect to different realms of energy, and some will be healing, and some may possibly not be peaceful and appropriate. When it feels good, and peaceful, you can trust it. However, since it is coming in so loud and clear, and there are times when it doesn't feel good, you need to know how to protect yourself and not be open to negative energies or energies that are not appropriate for you. Even though you say you have no time to waste, you still need to find the time to get some training with this. I suggest that you contact Foundation for Shamanic Studies, or contact a Reiki practitioner and find someone near you who can take you through learning about this. But you do need training - that's just a given. It's like - well, you don't pick up a scalpel and start operating on someone without being trained as a doctor, right?

This is using energy as healing, and it also needs to be understood and you need to know what you are doing. I hear that you are desperate to heal your child, but it is not wise to try to use a powerful tool when you are feeling desperate or untrained in its use. There IS time to learn about this and grow in understanding, even though right now you are feeling desperate and so anxious to help your child. It is your desperation that tells you that you have no time, and that is not true. Everything happens at its appropriate timing, and when using healing energy - it is important always to know that and to come from a clear, trusting place - a place of peace that knows that everything happens in its right time. Right now, you are not in that place, and so your fear and desperation is also attracting energy that is not peaceful or appropriate. I hope that you hear this - it is important for you to create the time you need to harness what has opened up for you to be able to use it wisely and appropriately. You don't fling around a chain saw or other power tool, right? Same thing here. This is a tool of power, and you need to use it wisely.

Basically, when you do get some training with this, if you are in a good, clear, high consciousness, loving place yourself, you can tune into what color is appropriate for a particular person or situation, and you can ask your Higher Guidance - the archangels, God, etc. - to send it through you. Always with permission from the person or situation you are working with. It is important to always ask for permission - a soul may not want or choose to have that healing energy sent to them - it may not be appropriate for them, and every soul has the right to choose, which must be honored. Otherwise, it is an imposition and a power trip and a violation, and can even cause harm.

With your child, after you get training - you can tune in silently to him and ask. If you get a yes, then you can proceed. Always ask. Then you can also ask to be a channel for the Highest Good of all in that situation, including yourself - and you can send that healing light or color. A beautiful emerald green and pink and gold and white are known as healing colors... many colors are healing for different things.

You also need to clear your home and yourself of any negative energies that you may have opened doors to. To do this, imagine a beautiful, radiant golden light coming into your body and filling you up, from head to toe, and you allow it to clear you of anything that is not for your Highest Good. You can also call upon the Archangel Michael to come and help you with this, to clear the house of any negative energies - send golden or white light through your home. The white light is the vibration of unconditional love - considered or known also as Christ Consciousness energy - the level of energy of an enlightened state of being.

With blessings, Ayal

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