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"I am wondering what you can tell me about my medical condition and my relationship"

Greetings. My question to you is about a man I am dating. His first name is Anthony. I've been to a person with strong intuitive qualities and she told me about the man I am to marry, she called him my soul mate, when she did my life chart. I was wonderning if you can see or pick up a feeling about the man I am currently dating. Do you see him as my soul mate or the person I am to marry at some point?

Also, this is totally unrelated. I have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder ADD (inattentive type) and with a mild case of bipolar disorder... do you sense that these diagnoses are accurate? Do you sense that I have both or one or the other? I am taking medication for both. I know any guidance you give me does not substitute a qualified medical examiner's diagnosis but I have already received that and will more than likely continue with the prescribed medication. I was just wondering if you pick up anything about this matter in my life.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I know these are probably not the type of questions you like or are use to answering but I appreciate whatever insight you are able to render.


Well, I am not a psychic in that way, to tell people about who is or who is not good for them. One reason I don't do this is because...

  1. Then it makes me responsible for a decision you make for your life, which, if it brings you pain, or doesn't work out, then you can turn to me and say, "But you said... it's your fault, I trusted you," etc. That takes the responsibility for your life and your choices away from you, keeps on reproducing in your feelings of being betrayed, which is not healthy and might be an old pattern you get stuck in, and it puts whether things go right or wrong for you on someone else. That's you turning your power over to someone else, putting your life in someone else's hands.

    Sometimes, at various times in our lives, we do need to consult with others in order to learn things, to feel cared for, and heard - to be able to vent our feelings and feel understood. We all need that, and that is why there are people who are there to help us with that guidance. They are like role models for us, and we do help one another along the way. And for a while, we all do go to others to hear or see what they think. But we do that because we have not yet grown our own power to make good, clear decisions for ourselves. It takes time to grow this power, and most of us as children were not given the love and guidance we needed in order to know how to do this, or to feel good enough, or loved enough, to trust ourselves to make good decisions. That is what we have to heal. So, it is a natural part of things, for a while, to look to others we trust or value, to see how they do it and what it feels like to be a strong person. But at some point, as we grow, we must learn to trust in ourselves. And that brings us to number 2 reason:

  2. To have others tell you what is right for you can dis-empower you. YOU are the only one who truly can make decisions for your life. You are the only one who is responsible for making your life what you chose for it to be. It is for YOU to learn to tune into your inner voice and hear what it says - to tune into your Divine connection, or Higher Self, and be able to listen to its deep and wonderful wisdom and guidance. Otherwise, you will be depending upon others to chose for you: which man, which job, which way to go, and no one knows that. Every choice you make will teach you something and add to who you are, even if it didn't go as you hoped it would. And every person you ask will have a different answer.

    How can we know what is right for you? You have a certain path to walk in your life, and you will learn about yourself and your path only as you walk it and go through the experiences that you choose for yourself. Someone might know that someone you are dating, for instance, will bring hardship and pain, and they might say to you: "Oh, I'd NEVER date that man - he's a such and such!" But - YOU might need to date him in order to learn something for yourself that you need to learn. You have to find out for yourself in order to grow. Hopefully, you would learn what you need to from a difficult experience, and then make different choices for yourself, as you change.

    Only you can know what you need to do, and it is by making choices and learning to trust yourself, to listen inwardly to the clear voice of your own inner Knowing, that you grow and become a strong, clear human being, relying on yourself and your own power. It takes practice, and is part of growing up, for all of us. But if it becomes a way of life for you to depend on others for your answers, then you deny yourself that inner muscle building, and you do not gain your own strength, power, and autonomy.

In answer to your 2nd question - what I can tell you is this: all problems or disorders that people have stem from negative or traumatic thought forms and feelings. These thought forms, or beliefs, or energetic patterns and emotions create our reality. They create our bodies being the way they are. Everything is made up of energy, and thoughts and emotions are the most powerful forms of energy. They are the building blocks of our lives and what we create with. If you are constantly in emotional distress, or think thoughts that are harmful to you or negative, if these thoughts and emotions are constantly bombarding you and going out into the Universe from you, they become things - they manifest in your world, just as if you had a piece of clay in your hands and were molding it.

So, our job in this life is two-fold:

  1. To figure out what thoughts and emotions you have as patterns within you, and where it came from.

  2. To release it fully (there are layers to these distortions and issues) and then create new thoughts and emotions that feel good and mold your life into what you want.
For you, I am getting that a lot of your difficulties are coming from family friction, arguments, and dysfunction that you experienced as a child... From you feeling unwelcome, as a child, and in the way. These patterns in you would create distortions in your energetic make-up, in your body and mind, as they are harmful. In order to transform and heal these distortions, you would need to find these feelings in your body - maybe it's a tightness in your chest, or feelings of anxiety, etc. Then you choose to release them, finding techniques that work for you, and you start to think new thoughts that bring in a new, healthy energetic pattern, such as:
"This child is wanted and welcome and deeply loved"
And you feel with your whole body how that feels - you allow every cell in your body to glow and vibrate to that new thought and sense of wellbeing. And if you deeply feel that, and continue to pour that energy into you, eventually you will change and heal. Medications can be helpful at times, but they do not heal things on the deeper level where the problem is. They just sort of numb it. For true healing to occur, as most people in the alternative healing field agree, one must root out where the distortion is, and then change the way you think and feel about yourself and life. I invite you to watch the DVD "The Secret," which is a wonderful film to watch, as it tells you all about this in an interesting way.Blessings, Ayal

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