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"Help me rid our house of negativity and change our karma to the positive"


I appreciate your help with my issue. My husband and I moved into a beautiful home 3 years ago with our 2 children. Since moving day, we have had bad luck. Each month the first year we were in the house something bad happened to us. The movers wrecked our truck and denied doing it, my husband had kidney stones (20), my son was called up to Iraq, I lost my job, my daughter lost her job, we lost our business, I was unemployed, the list goes on. I have tried using sea salt to remove the house of negative energy, but this doesn't seem to have worked.

Last night, while sleeping, I felt a coldness over my forehead and then a pounding on my torso like someone hitting me. I yelled, "If you are not here for good and in the name of the Lord, get out." I don't think I actually spoke this out loud as no one woke up, but as soon as I said it the third time, I felt the pounding go away and then I woke up. I am still struggling to rid our house of this negative energy and move forward with our lives. I am once again unemployed and have very little prospects. Unemployment has denied me again. Please help me rid our house of this negativity and tell me how I can change our karma to the positive.


Hi - well, there definitely is a need for some depossession work, but it isn't because of the house you're in. It's due to the energy circulating in your family, which presently is attracting negative entities due to the conflict, stress, tension, and unhappiness going on. So, yes, I can give you some methods to release these entities, but a lot is also showing up for you to do to heal yourself and heal your family.

Let's begin there, and then I will include the techniques to clear an entity from your space.

First of all, you have a belief going on, a deep pattern, that says that your pleasure/happiness depends on the permission of others. Because of this, because you are not creating your own happiness or being responsible for your own happiness, you are harboring a lot of resentment. This will draw negative energy to you and create experiences in your life wherein you will feel betrayed and then harbor more resentment, - it's a vicious cycle, or loop, that you are caught in. Because you believe that you need others to make your life what you want it to be (victim consciousness, essentially) you have not developed well, yet, the ability to work things out for yourself. You need to develop the ability to carry your own burdens, to give yourself support, and because you have not done so, what is showing up is that you may have support issues which have resulted in chronic lower back pain. So, there is a huge need to face yourself and your own issues, essentially, but this ability got diminished in you due to some difficult conflict/connection you had in your past. You are actually now ready to do something different and unique - and this involves some release work - releasing where you are holding onto the past. In fact, an issue of having flash backs is showing up for you, and that will keep you stuck in the past, with your life force continually going back there, leaving you without the energy you need to deal with and be fully in the present moment. the only harvest we gather by continuing to go into the past is a bitter one, because whatever good or lessons we needed to get from a past experience, we have already gotten. And that is what we need to understand and give gratitude for - that we created those experiences to gain strength and important life lessons - that is what needs to be focused on and harvested. So, to continue to dwell in the past only continues a cycle of guilt, resentment, bitterness, and pain. An important prayer for you to say, while in meditation, being receptive to receiving an answer, is this:

"I am open to receive guidance about how to release this with gratitude."
Dealing with your inferiority complex and self image is very important here for you in this life - in fact, the Healing and development of the personality is what you came in to do. To be responsible in one's life, one must understand that...

Responsibility is the ability to be who you are in your fullness.

Regarding the issues from the past that need healing, a lot is showing up. To start with, a good prayer to do is the following:

"I am open to receiving guidance on how to call my spirit back from __________ ."
Somewhere along the way you lost some soul essence, or life force due to trauma. Whatever this trauma was for you, I'd say it was pretty strong, because issues of having phobias is showing up, as well as having a degree of remorselessness. I invite you to read the article on how to call your spirit back which is listed at the end of the home page on this site. Then follow the technique given there. I'd say do it 3 times within a 3 week period of time.

Other issues showing up for you and pertaining to this is that you felt discarded and Unappreciated.

You have Guides on a higher plane and can access them for assistance. Their job is to ensure that you reach your personal destiny. They do not interfere if you are headed in the right direction, and are available for help whenever you ask. You need to enlist the help of a Higher Power for this healing to occur. Your best bet is to become still and ask your Angels for help:

"Oh Infinite Reality, please lift this ______ (depression, anger, bad habit, etc) from me and reveal to me better love and heal myself. Thank you."
There is a pretty big need for logic, order, and structure in your family. This is 1st chakra stuff - issues of family security and stability. I think it will be very important for you to read about the 1st chakra in Caroline Myss's wonderful book, 'Anatomy of the Spirit'. What you are needing to learn here, what you came in to learn, is that Love manifests, in part, as learning loyalty: we learn this if our families of origin are functional. We learn that Love is the only authentic power. As part of this learning, you are needing to practice, all the time, monitoring the thoughts you think - have good, kind thoughts about yourself and others. The issue of remorselessness here may be making you too hard and unforgiving, both to yourself and toward others. True? There is an issue of being too "head strong " with all of this. To help with this, practice the open heart technique which I will enclose at the end of this letter, and also read the following information, which will help you understand more what may be going on for you:

Thrusting Position – Pelvic block against softness: issues of assertion.
The traditional psychoanalytic name for this position is 'phallic', which comes from the Greek word for 'penis'. In many ways this is seriously misleading, since what is being described is a quality shared equally by girls and boys, though with different effects on the adult character. It arises from the widespread sexist attitude that only those with penises can, or should, thrust.

Once children have developed some sense of holding themselves up and grounding through the buttocks and backs of the legs, they can start literally and symbolically pushing themselves forward. As mobility develops, so does the need for recognition and praise, the desire to assert yourself, to take up space, to show off. Direct sexual exhibitionism is very much part of this: children of four or five are sexual beings, often very hotly so, and need acknowledgement especially from their parents, on whom such feelings will largely be focused. More generally, there is the need to have a say in things, to have some sense of power and autonomy: bed-times, TV, playing outside are all typical opportunities for assertion.

What so often happens is that adults treat this natural and healthy assertiveness as 'badness', 'willfulness', 'impudence'. There may even be a conscious intention to crush and overpower the child's will, to frighten it into submission. The classic form of this happens when the father is himself locked into a thrusting position, so that he sees any assertiveness and independence on the part of his children as a threat to his identity, and reacts with physical or emotional violence, the belt or the vicious put-down.

In this situation the child will generally submit - there is little alternative. But built into their character from then on will be a quality of hatred and revenge that subtly flavors everything they do. A 'yearning thrusting' character will, as an adult, be competitive, pushy, achievement-oriented - a career man or woman.

This is most often a middle-class position; working class people who are unable to use their angry energy for worldly success throw their weight around on the domestic, social and sexual fronts instead, or become involved in the machismo of the underworld. Many of these attitudes are strongly encouraged in our culture, primarily in men; thus they are transmitted to the next generation, as a compulsively thrusting and authoritarian parent represses their child's independence and sets them up for the same script.

The ability to push and thrust with the pelvis - in a soft and feeling way - is essential to satisfying sex for both women and men; and the corresponding life capacity is equally important In the thrusting-block character position, there is an overlay of hate and fear in such pelvic movement, a fear of collapse (in the face of adult power), leading to an attitude which Reich called 'genital revenge'. If the person is a man, then they may be a rapist, overt or indirect, if a woman, what men call a 'ballbreaker', using sex to humiliate (though men often use this label to attack any woman who scares them with her healthy sexual assertiveness). The soft easy thrust becomes a violent harsh movement - 'screwing'.

Sexually speaking, the yearning thruster will be a Don Juan character who uses sex to 'score'- for conquest and ego satisfaction rather than pleasure and melting contact. Similar attitudes will color their attitude to life in general - enjoyment takes second place to status. Our culture tends actively to encourage such distortions in men, to the extent of seeing them as intrinsically manly, macho, butch. A woman or girl who shows such traits will often be met with disapproval and invalidation (tomboy', 'unfeminine') even though the thrusting may be entirely healthy, the natural urge for assertiveness and achievement.

The body type that goes with the thrusting character is quite highly rated in our society: it tends to be large, well-muscled, energetic, athletic - at any rate in milder versions of the block. The stronger the block, the more the body tends to be rigid, musclebound and overcharged. Someone who denies their need to thrust will necessarily have a rigid body and character, often sex-negative, self-righteous and moralistic. This is a different strategy for genital revenge - 'stamp out this menace!' The absence of pleasure is even clearer with these compulsively 'good' people. Thrusting characters often suffer from 'stress-related ailments', because they put themselves through so much stress.

The creative side of the thrusting character is its energy, drive, courage, physical and mental lan; its willpower and discipline. The distortions stem from insecurity, from the fear of being smashed down which is hidden under an exaggerated 'strength', able to brook no equals, let alone 'superiors'. In its obsession with rank, pecking order, competition, and in its assumption that every situation must involve a winner and loser, the thrusting block is clearly a central factor in patriarchal society.

Person B stands on a chair; person A stands looking up at them, legs braced stiffly, jaw stuck out, chest stuck out, fists clenched. Use your breath to puff yourself up. A says things like 'No', 'I won't'; B says 'Oh yes you will', 'You better had', 'Do what 1 tell you', etc. After a while, make contact and reverse.

There are some things that can help support your healing -- one is the Sweet Chestnut Flower Essence- it shows up if you feel like you've reached the limits of your endurance. It is for great mental despair when anguish seems to be unbearable. You can order this from The Flower Essence Society (530/265--9163) or go by any major health food store or good metaphysical store. It's a Bach Flower Essence. Take 5 drops under the tongue 3 times a day for 3 months.

Practicing a Cheerful energy, which is to heal an issue of sadness/grief would be important for you to do. This deals with the lungs.

Another thing you can do, which will be very beneficial for you, is to use an essential oil in the bath - 6 drops of the essential oil Vetiver: it is used to return to tranquility and relates to the 1st chakra: Family issues. It promotes and empowers a sense of security and supports a balanced connection to the earth and the material world. Aids the development of patience and stillness. Deeply relaxing, eases tension, worry and fear. Aids insomnia.

The other very useful thing for you is to order and use an Aura-Soma essence, the B57 equilibrium oil. These essences are some of the highest healers on the planet. This particular one is for personal independence and for letting go and trusting. It addresses the male-female balance within, and it might be necessary to look at how the right side of one's being (male energy) manipulates the left (female essence). Because of this internal distortion of the balance between one's masculine and feminine energies, this imbalance will also show up - be mirrored, or reflected back to you - in one's external relationships, as was mentioned above.

A good book to read would be 'Return to Harmony' by Nicole LaVoie.

Regarding this issue, this also showed up for you: to develop your own power:

Say 3 times aloud: "I create the strategies for manifesting my plans and goals." Then say the sound "Ah" 4 times. Ah is the sound of creation, and we say it when we feel that something delicious comes our way. Then breathe in through your nose, drawing in a feeling of creativity. Exhale and place in a clear bubble in front of your navel any blocks, feelings, patterns, etc, to creativity. send that bubble up to the sun and watch it dissolve. then again bring back down into your body that feeling of creativity and fill yourself up with it. This issue relates to the liver, which deals with anger. As you develop your own power, this anger will be healed. but it also needs to be recognized and released.
Do this exercise 2 times within a 2 day period or whenever needed from this point on.

To heal anger, visualize yourself holding a vase or jar of liquid blue light. Mentally scan the person's energy field for redness. Whenever you see or feel redness, pour the watery energy over it.

You can also say the following, to help you deal with the stress you feel:

Prayer for Peacefulness ( or hyperactivity)

"Archangel Uriel: you have the power to calm the seas and steady the earth. I know that you have the power to calm and steady me. I ask that you help me feel peaceful on the inside and act peacefully on the outside. Please bring the peace of God to my heart. Please help me to have patience and understanding with _____________ and with myself. Amen."

Also, do the following exercise:

Say 8 times aloud: "I resolve all splits between me and my partner." Visualize the color magenta entering a small intestines acupressure point on your body located behind the right muscle on the side of the neck on a level with the Adam's apple. Allow the color to fill your entire body. Then tone the note of D 5 times. You will probably need to use a pitch pipe or musical instrument to assist you in locating the note.
I'd invite you to do this exercise 5 times within a 3 month period.

A good prayer to also help you with this is the following:

Healing a Misunderstanding

"Dear guardian angels of _________, my heart is heavy with hurt, anger, and guilt. I want to make sure that I do right by them, and I ask your help and guidance. Please talk with _______and help him/her to understand me better. Please help us get past our pride, fears, wounds, past history, and egos, and to express our true love to one another. I ask your help in bringing peace to this situation. Archangel Raphael, please enter __________'s (my) body and heal any imbalances and impurities that may have come from thoughts of anger or fear. Thank you. Amen."

You have some spiritual frustration. Reading Caroline Myss's book mentioned above will help you. Also, wear gold for spiritual attunement - it is an excellent healer. You can also visualize the color gold entering your body.

Regarding Negative entities:

Light 3 white candles, and call upon the Archangel Michael 3 times. Then say the following: "Archangel Michael: Please come to me and escort these beings to the Light away right now! I ask that you and your Band of Mercy escort them to the Light. Archangel Michael, please clear away anyone in the spirit world or material world who is not in the highest and best good of____________. Please also help those who psychically attacked ______________. I ask that you help to bring harmony and peace to this situation and to replace all pain with peace. I ask that all effects of mistakes and issues creating the attack that were made be undone in all directions of time, by and for everyone concerned. Thank you."

To Protect Someone or Yourself with Angels:

"God, I ask that You send protective angels to ___________ now. Please surround __________ with extra angels to watch over, guide, and protect him/her. Please let me know if I need to do anything to help with this process. Thank you."
Also, you can get some epsom salts and a bottle of 100% pure Ever clear whisky. Pour a capsule of the Everclear onto a cup of the epsom salts in a cast iron or stainless steel pot. Carefully light the Everclear and salt in the pot with a match, and walk around your home with it - there will be s small flame - this clears negative energy. also, you can get some holy water from a priest and sprinkle that around. That ought to do it. if it doesn't, you can always call in a priest or a shamanic practitioner from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies - but usually these are just lost souls who have not been able to find their way to the Light. so, if you respond to them with love, and lovingly ask Michael to come and help them find their way to the Light, that usually does it. Also, you can buy a sage and cedar smudge stick, and light that and walk around your house with that as well. after using the Everclear/salt mixture.

A couple of other things for you. It would be good for your body to increase its oxygen supply - deep breathing, exercise, etc. are good forms for this.

Also, the following prayer said during meditation will help you, if you become still and open to receive answers that come:

"I am open to receiving guidance on how to earn $."
So, there is a LOT here for you to think about and deal with. Start with what you feel is most important and do what you can - you may not feel you can do all of it - but start where you can, and do what feels right.

Blessings, Ayal

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