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"Where can I go to begin to create happiness in my life?"

Dear Ayal,

I was excited to turn 30 this year. But I am depressed because I am still single. I recently ended a three year relationship with my almost perfect boyfriend. He was too selfish and afraid of commitment. I am also unhappy with my job and my career path. I felt stuck in the job and the relationship. I can't get out of the job just yet, but I could get out of the relationship, so that's what I did. Do you know of any place I can go to just heal myself, meditate, and start the healing process. I need to find a retreat to figure out who I am and how I can create happiness in my life.


Hi - Astrologically, you are in what is known as your Saturn Return. The planet Saturn travels through our lives every 29 years. During a Saturn Return, a person is challenged to get their life together - to either move forward into what is best for you, or to stagnate. It is "make or break" time. Saturn is the great teacher, and from 29 to the end of your 30th year, life will be very, very challenging. During this time, if you are to move forward, you have to question what you are doing, what you really want, who you are, and what's your deepest truth. So, I'm not surprised that you have ended a relationship, are not feeling fulfilled at work, etc.

There is a place called the Option Institute, in Massachusetts, that does great work with people to help them turn their lives around, find their happiness, and learn new, healthy patterns of living. I can highly recommend it. You can read about it on the Internet to see if it sounds like a good place for you. They offer classes and workshops of different lengths throughout the year.

Good luck, and blessings, Ayal

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