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"I know a lot but can't seem to connect that with my actions"

Dear Ayal,

Most of my life I have felt stuck and not able to move forward. Intellectually I have learned much on my spiritual path, but I haven't been able to integrate that with my heart and spirit. It becomes very frustrating to know what I should be doing and yet not able to move forward with my whole being. What do I need to do to take the knowledge I have and feel it with my whole "Self" so that I can move on and truly live my LIFE?


It can feel very frustrating to have a lot of knowledge and understanding on one level of your life, but not be able to move forward in the way you long to. It's like being a race horse, charged and ready to run the race, but the box door won't open! Usually when this happens, there is a part of your being that is blocked or still undeveloped - it could be compared to being ready to graduate from one grade level to another - you have mastered reading and writing, but arithmetic may still elude you. So the whole process comes to a halt, waiting for that area to catch up. It is true that we can't move on unless we take all of ourselves with us!

You mentioned that intellectually all is well, but that your heart and spirit weren't integrating what you know. A key word here for you is heart. The heart is a definite gateway to everything else in our lives, for when we feel Love, everything seems to bloom. Even physically, the heart lives in the center of our being. When the heart is open, flowing, and safe, the Spiritual part of ourselves follows easily.

You might think of using and practicing daily various techniques that open the heart. There are many methods for this, and many books written on the subject. One simple technique is to find some time for yourself where you can lie down somewhere safe and comfortable. Take some deep breaths, relax, and let your consciousness travel to your heart. Go inside your heart with your awareness, feel your heart beat, and get in touch with it's rhythm. When you feel ready, ask your heart to speak with you. You can ask it if it is ready to let you open up and move on with what you want to do in your life. You can ask it what it needs, what it is feeling, what, if anything, it is troubled or concerned about. Listen to what it shares with you without judgment, as you would listen to a hurt child, and ask what you can do to help. If, at some point, a major issue reveals itself, then you may choose to work with someone who can help you unravel and heal any blockages that were presented. Continued focus on practices that open the heart, that allow your heart to know that it is safe and supported, that help your heart know that you are fully committed to its well being, will help you make great strides towards integrating your life in a wholistic way.

Blessings to you, and know that you are doing great work, for in dealing with this issue, you are accomplishing what your soul and spirit have come here to learn!

Blessings -


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