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"I'm interested in healing but not sure where to start"

I'm a reader of trans4mind. I am interested in healing, not sure where to start, lifestyle change, interested in chatting from time to time...


From what you wrote, it sounds as if you are just at the edges perhaps, of thinking about going in a different direction - just dabbling with bits and pieces of information at the moment, but willing to explore, is that right? Are you wanting to touch in with someone who is in the field and see if what is shared is of interest to you, now and then?

Sounds to me as if you are waiting for that spark of inspiration, and sending out a tentative antennae as to where that might be found. I am willing to speak with you about possibilities, and where to start, as you mentioned, if you truly want to get started - and I would be glad to help you find an area in the healing world that would appeal to you. However, I am a pretty direct person who likes to get to the heart of things as quickly as possible and then shift the energy, as is appropriate. If you really want to define this more, and are ready to start looking for a main direction, and feel truly inspired about going for it, I can be of service to you, and will be happy to answer questions, share, and give what guidance I can. I wonder, however, if that is where you are at, or if you are at a more, well, for lack of a better word, ho hum place about it? That would be my question to you, at this point. Are you really inspired by this, and impulsed strongly to move in this direction? If not, my question to you is, what DOES inspire you? What pulls at you from your core?

If you are more at the stage of well, I'm sort of interested, just wanting to kind of hear about this or that and wet my toes a bit, but not really do much more than that for a while, that's fine, as learning about healing and healing ways, I have found, is truly fascinating. But frankly, I probably wouldn't be the right person for you, or have a lot of interest in just chatting about this or that - unless it was geared to a real passion to learn and to move forward with a high level of commitment. That's just where I'm at, at this point in my life. So much is happening, so fast, that, at this point in my own life, I am finding that I like to work with those people who are ready to race with it. It is totally valid to be in a more perusing, meandering place of exploration, and I have been there quite often myself, when I was not sure what direction to move in, where one feels that maybe this is something that might interest me, maybe... But my truth for myself is that I'm not able to be there with that energy and point of reference at this time. I'm too fired up with racing, myself, for a higher state of evolution.

What I can say to you now is that if something isn't really pulling at you from your heart and catalyzes your joy and that deep feeling and sense of rightness, you may have not yet found what it is that is meant for you. When that level appears, it is soul directed and you will know instinctively that this is the right place and right thing to do. And usually, once that appears, it moves into your life with grace and ease, and often, exhilaration. There is a time however, as there is a season for all things, of wondering, and waiting, and exploring, and checking out this and that. And there are those ready to chat about it. I'm just not in the chatting place at this point. But if you want to go for it, send me a line. I'll be here.

Blessings, Ayal

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