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"I can't stop thinking about an ex-boyfriend who has moved on"

Hello madam... I'm vidushi from India. I have a problem related to love!! I'm just 15 now... and there was a guy who used to love me from 3 years ago... but I didn't care for him....when limits of his love crossed.... he dialed at my home...n everybody got to know the whole home....!!!! So my brother one day went to my school n shouted at him.... but from the next day i noticed that he was still having a big place for me in his heart... but i got to know later that he is having a gala time with his new best friend (a girl)...... Now i don't know why i got irritated when i was told about all this by my one of the friends??....!!!! Now my whole day goes on for thinking about him.... i don't know what actually all this is!!! I'm not able to even study because of it... And I'm sure he still likes me....but not telling me coz of my brother. Please, i need ur suggestion...... how to overcome this situation or just quit it....but it's difficult.... Eagerly waiting fr ur reply....


Hello. Well, I know that in India, customs may be different. I don't know whether it is appropriate or not for your brother to interfere with who calls you or who likes you. I think, though, that, in general, the best way to find out how someone is feeling is simply to go up to them and ask them. If you need to know how this young man feels about you, ask him. If it bothers you that he is liking someone else, then you need to check into how you are feeling about him. If you find that you really like him, then you could tell him that, if you feel he is someone who will treat you with respect and dignity.

If, however, you are only feeling jealous or left out because now you are not the center of his attention, then that is not you really caring for him. So, find out how you really feel, and then, if it feels right to you, you can talk to this person about it. Then, if you find that you both truly do care about one another, and you feel that he is a respectable person, you can tell your brother that you have feelings for him and that you would like to have the opportunity to get to know him better, in an appropriate way.

Blessings, Ayal

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