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"When I say shut up to my sister she hates me so much"

Hi, yeah my sister gets at me when I say shut up to her and I need your help because i think she hates me so much. What should i do?


When you are kind to others, others will respond to that kindness. Saying shut up to someone isn't kind. If you treat others with rudeness or disrespect, then they will probably treat you the same way. All you can do is choose to be the kind of person YOU want to be, in each and every moment. You can't change how others choose to be. You can only choose how you will be. Then, even if others are unkind to you, you still know and feel good that you are being the kind of person you feel good about being - a good person. If they don't choose to be a kind person, then that is their choice. It's up to you to decide what kind of person YOU choose to be.

If someone continues to be unkind to you, you can speak how you feel about that in a kind way by saying: "You know, when you speak to me like that, I feel that you really don't like me. You are my sister, and you are important to me. I would like us to be friends and care about each other. I care about you." If she continues to be mean or unkind after you share how you feel, without being angry at her, then you simply walk away from her, and take yourself away from that energy. You don't have to stay somewhere or be with someone when they are being unkind. You just calmly walk away and go somewhere else, where it feels better to be.

When in any situation, the question to ask yourself is: "What would LOVE do here?"

In other words, how do I act lovingly in this moment? And then do that. It is very important to be kind to others, but it is also important to be kind to yourself. So, sometimes the best way to be kind to yourself is not to be around people who mistreat you. When you put out good energy however, you will draw good energy to yourself.

Blessings, Ayal

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