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"If others mirror our flaws, do evil psychopaths mirror that part of us too?"

Hi Ayal,

Beautiful website u guys have here. I am a newly born Self-Awareness acolyte and I had some questions. On the subject of seeing ourselves in others, i.e. they mirror our flaws and abilities, what about the people that are wholesomely negative and bent on destroying others? Does that mean we are intrinsically evil as well? The flaws of jealousy, fear and lust are indeed useful to note but what about acts of uncensored vitriol such as the pure intent to kill we see in psychopaths? Are these built into our psyche as well? Just some questions I had in my mind.


Well, I actually don't believe in evil. I believe that there can be serious distortions of what is True, as light or sound waves can get distorted, but I do not see the world as divided into good and evil. I think that psychopaths may have integral parts of themselves either distorted, as I said, or perhaps even missing. You are asking great questions. If you draw a psychopath into your life, then you would need to ask "What is the reflection here for me?" It may be any number of things that are being reflected back to you. It could even be a fear of attracting such a person. It could be a need to learn compassion for others who are not balanced yet. It could be a belief in evil, as you already mentioned, that you may need to examine. It could be a fear on your part of your own distortions. The mirror reflection can be subtle, and may not be a simple "Oh. This person is a psychopath, so if I've attracted one that means I am one, as well." It may be a reflection you need to see in yourself of a fear of being unbalanced. I could go on and on.

I do not believe that there is inherent evil. I think that we all can get distorted, and then we need to find our balance and center again. One of the principles which is offered in the Laws of the Universe states that there is nowhere where God is not. I think we, as human beings, operate out of a basic misconception and have a fear that we are evil, but if there is no where God is not, then unless we believe that God is evil, evil cannot exist, except by our own human choice to define something as evil. However, as soon as we define or "perceive" something as evil, we have removed ourselves from a state of Love and stepped into judgment, have we not? And doesn't God say "Judge not, lest ye be judged"? Read about deer medicine in the Animal Medicine Cards Book, by Jamie Sams. I think it will explain a lot to you.

Blessings, Ayal

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