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"After a huge fight with my parents I can no longer feel energy in my body"

Dear Ayal,

I used to be able to really feel energy rushing through my body... I could feel the sensations and "cool breeze" of the energy in each of my seven chakras. I was able to meditate and feel peace and clarity and balance. Then, a couple months ago I had a huge fight with my parents and many harsh words were exchanged. No resolution was ever made, things just went on "as normal" and the fact that the fight ever happened was just swept under the rug. Since that time, I have not been able to feel energy flowing through my body or feel my chakras. I have felt very out of balance and not clear... I've been relying heavily on other people to make decisions for me (something the "old" me would have done). I am not trusting my decisions, opinions and having a very hard time speaking from an honest place. I want to add that I live in my parent's home. They live in another state but maintain a home here that I live in and take care of (house plants, pets, bills, etc...)

Prior to the fight, I was doing a lot of cleaning, consolidating and minimizing in their house (something I look back on and regret). My intentions were to clear out a lot of their possessions that were never used and served only as stagnant energy reminders of days gone by. I now realize I overstepped my boundaries in trying to make their home my place of peace and comfort. The fight was based on all of the dejunking I was doing and it reminded me of the arguments that we had had so many times when I was a teenager; always trying to "fix" my parents in order to "fix" me. I guess some things never change. Anyway, there is a point I am getting to, how do I make things right and start feeling my energy and chakras again? How do I regain the clarity and trust that I had in my self? I want to feel like I was feeling prior to that fight and not feel the old me. Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.


Well, what is showing up first for you is actually the need to do some therapy with someone professional to help you clarify some of these issues that are up for you. I think therapy is something powerful that every single person on the planet can benefit from at some point in their lives. We all can definitely use that objective observer to help us see what's going on and guide us through some of the really difficult places. There is some relationship in the family that you need to let go of that you are feeling a lot of hatred about. My information said that it is not mother or father or a sibling, but some other family member. Any ideas as to what that is? I think that it would be a good idea to sit in meditation and do a visualization to find out what this is....just ask and be open to what information comes in for you. When you discover what it is, I invite you to cut the cords to that person and situation. It would be useful for you to read the article on 'Cutting the Cords that Bind You' which is listed at the end of the home page and follow instructions found in it.

Your 4th chakra is needing some healing. That is the heart chakra, of course, which deals with your ability to have love and openness toward life, which is what I hear you saying is not operating for you as it did.

Issues of grief, anger, (4th chakra) and security (1st chakra) are up for you to deal with.

Your adrenals need to be strengthened. The adrenal medulla secretes adrenalin, which deals with the fight or flight reaction. Anytime we feel threatened, the body goes through the stress response, and then the hypothalamus and nervous system are affected. Faith and inspiration (7th chakra qualities) are needed to help off set this stress. Using the emerald green Aura-Soma pomander for finding your own space and getting to the heart of things (what is creating you feeling threatened) will be a useful healing support for you. You can order it at

Eating kiwis, drinking tomato juice, eating brussel spouts, taking calcium and vitamin c (3,000mg a day of vitamin C), chromium, thiamine, folic acid and bromelain (for inflammation) would be good for you.

There are some deep issues dealing with sexuality, or the instinctual aspects of yourself (2nd chakra) for you to look at, as well as feeling lonely or cut off, which is a heart chakra issue. I am getting that some trauma affected your perceptual skills - or how you look at things or perceive things. Life is here to enjoy, but you have not been operating from that belief lately. You are feeling defenseless. It would be important for you to understand what happened and how your way of seeing got changed by that trauma so that you can perceive in new ways. There has definitely been a difficulty for you in being able to assimilate, and therefore be able to deal with, experiences you have had. Again, I think therapy will be a great support for you at this time, as it sounds as if some big stuff is up for you to deal with now.

Blessings, Ayal

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