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"I have been hurt by men so much that now I find it really hard to show affection"

Hello Ayal, I have this one problem. I find it really hard to show affection to the opposite sex due to past relationships. I have been hurt by men so much in my life that now I just find it really hard to get close to someone. I really want to experience true love but it seems as if it just can't happen.What should I do?


Hi - well, you have some interesting stuff showing up. First of all, you are needing to do a visualization exercise to find out what this is all about. In other words, you are needing to tune into your Inner Guidance. So, I suggest that you sit quietly in meditation, eyes closed, and ask to see where this issue began, to see the origins of the issue. You also need to see however, what it is that you have been getting out of having this attitude toward men. You have some unconscious motives going on that need to be brought into the light and faced. It has to do with guilt, hatred and pride. Are you feeling guilty because you are hating someone or something? You seem to believe that men are wimpy and make bad mistakes. You have a kind of aggression toward them, and an issue showed up for you called "Seeing only ugliness". What's that about? The pride energy you carry seems to be held in the stomach area, as tension in the muscles there, and instead of having that energy there, what is needed is for you to clear that so that you can be in touch with your True Center and balance, which is found there at the Hara point, in the 3rd chakra.

I invite you to say this twice a day for the next 4 years:

"I sponsor myself to the Creator, the Cosmic All, the Masters, and the Creator Entity to have God's clearing energies to remove all adversities to the planes. Thank you."
There are first chakra issues showing up for you around all of this that have to do with your physical family and safety. This has resulted in a lack of ability to trust life - which is a 7th chakra issue, or spiritual issue.

An issue of depression is also showing up, and depression happens when a core fear or issue is not being faced. As you sit in meditation and do the visualization, allow whatever information comes up for you to come up in whatever form it takes. This will help you immensely with all of this. Just ask for it to be be revealed to you, that you are ready to see it and heal it.

Blessings, Ayal

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