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"I can talk with my friend for hours on the phone but in person it's different"

I am in a long distance relationship, I suppose you could call it that. We met 4 months ago through a work conference and have been talking on the phone ever since. Sometimes we can talk for hours at a time and seem to be on the same page. Almost like we have known each other for years. We are both trying to be in touch with ourselves and our feelings that we have for each other and our own selves and explore ourselves and why our other relationships didn't work. The problem is that we have seen each other twice now and when we see each other, we can't talk like we can when we're on the phone. Also alot of things were said in the beginning, and now I sense he's pulling away. I think the article on insecurity is definitely one of our issues on both our parts. I fear rejection so I never am the first one to say something, and I constantly think that he won't call anymore. He has just come out of a relationship and had relationships in the past where he thought the person was one way and was another. So now neither one of us trust ourselves to know if this is real or not. I don't understand why we have such a hard time when we're together talking except for the fact, I think that we're both insecure and when we're together we hold back because we don't want to get hurt. When we're on the phone, it's safe. What are your thoughts?


Hi. Well, it sounds to me as if you know pretty well what's going on. It is safer and less threatening to have a long distance relationship, and easier to talk via phone then to be more intimate and in someone's energy field.

Since you both have trust and betrayal issues to deal with , being with each other in person is just more daunting, as there is then more to deal with. That takes time to overcome. One good way to deal with it is to simply speak your truth about what happens for you when you're together, and if you both share honestly and openly, and explore that, then you are connecting once again, and in a way that feels safe and good. Your challenge is to be able to speak your truth, whatever it is. You can say: "You know, I have a hard time initiating a conversation in person because I feel shy, and I'm aware that I have an old fear that I'll be rejected."

Read the info in the Laws of the Universe about changing beliefs and work with this belief you have that you will be rejected, or abandoned, or that you're not good enough. If you choose to, you can share the info found there with him as well, and perhaps he'll work on his belief that he can't trust people, and that he will be betrayed.

Blessings, Ayal

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