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"I wish to feel confident about myself all the time and this has been my biggest issue in life"

Hi Ayal,

My name is Giselle and in the past two years I find that I have begun to reach a higher vibration only to find that it comes and goes. I have recently made some major changes in a positive way for myself and I would like to learn how to keep myself at a higher vibration all the time. I wish to feel confident about myself all the time and this has been my biggest issue in life. How can I totally learn to love myself whole-heartedly?


Hi - part of life is that it goes up and down. Just like the waves of the sea come in and out....and the breath flows in and goes out, and night turns into day, there is always movement in life which we eventually learn to respond to in ways that are more appropriate and more centered. Satchidananda once said: "You can't control the waves, but you can learn how to surf!"

So, how we RESPOND to what is before us in the moment is what counts. If you go into judgment because you're not feeling totally high and clear all the time, then you have immediately lost your connection to clarity and Love. When, however, you greet whatever it is that is up for you in your life with empathy, understanding, kindness, and compassion, you remain on a high vibration, even if you are feeling sad or angry, etc., because you are still coming, on the deepest level, from a place of acceptance and love. That's the key. So, anything that's in the way of you giving that love and compassion and acceptance to yourself, any "shoulds" you place on yourself, are important to recognize and release.

Jack Kornfield's tape series, The Inner Art of Meditation, which is wonderful, full of wisdom, and delightful, will help you a lot with this, and be fun at the same time.

Many blessings, Ayal

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