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"I'm ashamed because at 30 I still haven't been asked out on a date"


My question is something that has caused me alot of shame throughout my life. I am 30 years old and I have never ever been asked out on a date by a male. Not even in high school. Not in college. Never. I've always felt accomplished in my life even as a young person, but suddenly I realize that I had no admirers and I'd feel terribly self conscious. I was asked to be a model and I felt too self conscious to go with it because in my mind I have decided that something must be wrong about the way I look since I can't get any slight interest from males. My friends' husbands always want to introduce me to their friends without my asking because they think I'm beautiful and extraordinary but their friends always reject me. I've even asked guys out myself and they insult me and disrespect me while rejecting me. This hurts me terribly. I don't have anyone I can talk to about this because I feel so ashamed about it. I've meditated on this basically trying to figure out what belief system I must have for this to consistently occur in my life, but I don't lack confidence deep inside, and if anything I don't think most guys are good enough for me. It doesn't seem like a self esteem issue for me, though at this point my ego is effected and I hurt about this all the time. I have a question about this, for a while when I was young, before interest in dating, I was a great athlete and attracted the opposite sex like a magnet. when I had an injury and stopped and gained 60 pounds, no one looked at me like I said before. Now I'm small again though I don't exercise and still no interest from the opposite sex. My question is could there be a connection between my lack of powerful energy in my body and the lack of male interest? I don't know if I asked that question correctly but I hope you get what I'm asking.


Hi - well, the info I am getting is that on an unconscious level, you really don't want men to ask you out. There is some fear there going on, and further information I got said that you need to cut any cords to the father. You can read about how to do this in an article listed at the end of the home page.

You need to do a meditation or visualization where you sit calmly, with eyes closed, breathe deeply and slowly for a while, and then ask to see what is going on about this. Trust what comes up. I also get it would be good for you to do some past life work regarding this issue. You can also sit in meditation and ask to see or get information about what happened in a past life to create this pattern in this life. Just ask to see the events or decisions made in the past life that are connected to this issue.

When you have more information, then you will have a better idea what steps to take to heal what is going on.

Blessings, Ayal

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