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"I am embarrassed to tell my boyfriend that I love him"

Hi, I'm Lubna. I have a problem how to express my feeling to my boyfriend, he knows that I love him but I get embarrassed to tell him directly, I know that he loves me but I forget what to tell him when we together, what I have to do?


Well, the best way to share something is first of all to share what you are really feeling yourself. You tune into your own feelings, in other words, and see what's going on. Then, whatever you share comes from a place of inner clarity, which always feels good, both to you, and to whomever else you are speaking with. So, you might say something to him like: "You know, I realize that I want to tell you how much I care about you, but I get so shy and embarrassed that it's hard for me to do."

That is speaking your full truth. And that is true power, because you are owning how you feel and taking responsibility for it. As you do this again and again, in every moment, you will begin to grow in inner strength. That is you taking good, loving care of you. And when you do that, everything else works out.

Blessings, Ayal

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